Yes, they are bliss to the eyes, but are they bliss to the SEO too? A lot of opinions prance around if using Parallax is good for SEO or not. What does the best web design agency (Sydney, Australia) have to say about it? Here we put down the analyses inch by inch.Parallax is one of those many gifts of modern-day web designing. It can captivate anybody in seconds with its mesmerizing depth effect. But as pretty it does seem, there are questions about its impact on SEO’s health!

Web Design, Parallax, and SEO!

Web Design gets brutally ignored by people despite its importance in SEO. It has not been very long since Google announced about its Core Web Vitals. The focus was to create a smooth user experience. Core Web Vitals is a set of three different factors that collectively decide how well a website does serve its users. Its three main components are:

  • LCP – Largest Contentful Paint
  • First Input Delay
  • Cumulative Layout Shift

These factors were all part of web design. The Best Web design Agency (Sydney, Australia) always tells its client about how important these factors are. They work hard to design a smooth and beautiful website. This involves colors, geometry, content, effects, position, coding, space, and what now! But sometimes people opt for certain features in web design that unknowingly harms the SEO. Parallax is one such feature. Now many agencies warn against using it. But why?

The reason Parallax might harm SEO!

One thing odd about Parallax is that there could have been multiple pages if Parallax were not there. The chances of a website ranking higher increase when there are multiple pages. When you use Parallax, you incorporate many pages within a single page, and this decreases the number of pages getting crawled by the search engine. Here are few ways in which Parallax might be harming your website:

  • It consumes over the loading speed: Largest Contentful Paint is the very first factor that Google uses to decide whether a website is smooth or not. When you search and click on a website, you expect it to load quickly. But sometimes websites run their own way and the delay leads to exiting the website. How many time have you not exited upon a delay in loading? An LCP of 1200 ms or less is considered good for everybody. Using Parallax leads to slower loading speed. This leads to higher bounce rate and lower retention rate.
  • It reduces the number of pages: Pages are crucial for a website to get crawled. They are like strings that Search Engine pulls to create a database. The more the strings, the better their quality, the better are chances of a website getting recommended in SERP. More pages lead to more internal linking too.
  • It reduces the amount of targeted-keywords: Few pages mean fewer number of keywords to use target your audience. A parallax is considered as single page and this obstructs using many keywords.
  • Fewer H1 headings: Again, Parallax will obstruct you from using many H1 headings due to it being considered as single page.
  • There are chances that it might not work on mobile devices: Parallax uses certain scripts that usually fail to work on mobile devices. And we all know that mobile-friendliness is a ranking factor now.

Is there a way to align Parallax and SEO?

Parallax adds beauty to the website. It sort of hypnotizes the visitor and keeps one stay for long enough. This indeed leads to higher stay-time. But this is a double-edged sword. If not dealt with correctly, this harms one unintentionally. Here are few ways around to use it and yet not harm your website’s SEO.

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  • Do not merge stand-alone pages. For e.g., you would not want to create a parallax of About-Us, Home, Services, Science, Sports, etc. Instead, break one page into sections and then create a parallax. Also, use parallax on a portion of your screen.
  • Use a responsive design. Using a responsive design can help that soothing effect work on mobiles too. This might cost a little, but its benefits are many. When it comes to best web design agency, Sydney, Australia, has many agencies that use their expertise to nurture a website.
  • The speed issue can be handled with efficient coding. Using a website builder is not recommended. A website-builder uses three to four time more scripts than one made by a designer. If you want to use parallax and still load it faster, then opt for some web design agency. There are many benefits of opting for one.
  • Go for an SEO agency to counter the parallax effect. An SEO agency helps align your website in accordance to the search engine’s guidelines. This leads to higher ranking, higher potential of getting customers, and higher revenue. Any company with long-term goals is strongly suggested to go for an SEO agency. Future is going to get digitized further. This makes it necessary for any company to get ahead of their competitors. There are many SEO plans too these days – such as this,– that tries to serve the diversity of demands. Choose the one serving the right fit for you.

Should you use Parallax?

If you are not very tight on budget and can afford a web design agency, then you might easily get around using their expertise.

That Best web design agency (Sydney, Australia) will certainly help you build your website and yet not suffer from the limitations. A web design agency not just helps you go flexible around but also serve you other added benefits. It can easily pinpoint the HTML errors that cost in SEO. It has access to its codes when things go wrong. Additionally, it provides you flexibility which otherwise stays lost.

Another thing is to use fast servers. Shared Servers usually load up slowly. If you can, go for fast servers. Loading speed is the very vital thing after Snippet. It holds the ability to hook a visitor in seconds. We all love when a website appears before us like magic.