The Steam software has become the central gaming hub, even though I’m not using it exclusively for that.

Steam is currently having the most significant advantage because all of my gaming buddies have an account there, including software to communicate, create game events, and play the game in Steam


The latest version of Steam has a unified interface that can’t change in the usual option


There is to change colors, fonts, or other interface elements that have no settings. While this may not bother many gamers using Steam, some may want to change the Steam interface.

They only currently install skins, either custom-made or downloaded from the Internet.

Steam Skins Installation

Let us see here how to install Steam skins with the computer. Please note that I have tested on Windows and that it may differ, or maybe not possible for Steam on Linux or Mac.  The first thing that you need is skin. I suggest you start with the perfect Pixelvision skin, which finds linked with the short Steam skin as listed.

You download and extract the skin to the local system. There you will find the font and skin folder.

The fonts need installing. You can be right-clicking them and select to install. The easiest way to select all first, then install them all at once with right-click.

You need to move the skin folder into the Steam > Skins folder. You find by default at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\skins.

Open Setting in Steam to click on View -> Setting and select Interface.

Find “Select the Steam skin you wish to use, click on the menu and select newly installed skin. Steam will automatically prompt to restart and load with the newly installed skin.

To switch back default skin, select from the Interface menu and restart Steam afterward. You can uninstall skins by deleting this folder in the Steam skins folder and uninstalling fonts and the like installed during installation of the skin.

How to install the Steam interface to change the Steam skin on computer

Perhaps the Steam interface is not something that gamers often pay attention to when using this game distribution platform. Though, if you want to change the Steam interface, it is not too difficult to implement. Moreover, you can change this Steam interface to your favorite game. Here is how to change the Steam interface on your PC.

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Guidance to change the Stream interface on the computer

Step 1: Click the link to download the tool to change your computer Steam interface. Before boot up the setup file, select Next> I Agree> finally click Finish.

Link to download tool to replace the Steam interface

When you completed the installation, you will see the Steam Customizer tool displayed on the desktop.

Step 2: Visit this website to download the Steam interface link below and click Explore, or you can create your steam interface by clicking Create on the side.

Choose the interface you like in the list. Then click on the interface image where you want to download.

Once you’ve selected the Steam interface, click Download to download the interface.

The downloaded files have the extension ” .stskin. ” Keep File in the directory is the most comfortable for you to find, preferably on the desktop.

Step 3: Run the steam interface installing the tool, select File> Open.

Select the path for the steam interface file and click Open.

Suppose you see the message to install Steam skin on your computer, click OK. At this time, the Steam skin installation tool will turn off.

Wait for about 30 seconds to turn on the Steam installation tool, select the interface just added to the list (1) and click Apply (2), then click OK (3) in the Steam reset notification.

Next, select Steam> Settings> Interface > choose the interface from Select the skin you wish Steam to use and press OK.

Steam will then ask you to reboot. This time will apply the interface you have just selected to Steam.
Get information about this on askcorran website in detail. These will also change the installation interface of Steam to match the color of the interface.