Is it illegal to post photos of mugshots on the internet? Absolutely not. There’s a long list of sites that are protected by the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act of 1966) as well as the First Amendment.

Booking photographs as well as arrest documents are considered to be public information. The owners of these websites opt to make them available on Google to facilitate their users.

Your online reputation will last forever , regardless of whether the outcomes are either positive or negatively. Photos and comments that make you look embarrassed can be resurfaced and could limit your opportunities in the future with your employment, housing status and perhaps even the family you have. Criminal charges like your arrest details and public mugshots can be accessed and used online.

Mugshot removal websites have designed businesses around displaying arrest documents and a strict requirement to remove the images. is the most popular removal of mugshots agencies on the internet.

In addition, the victims have many options to delete their mugshots from Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Removal of your mugshots on the internet is very feasible as you are aware of the laws that govern the publication of images of yourself on the internet.

Let’s learn how you can get your arrest information removed from these mugshot websites.

Mugshot Sites A Review

Mugshot sites collect arrest photos from police sites of the county and publish the images online. Furthermore, these sites generally rank well and most of the time are at the top of Google when searchers type your name.

In the end this publication of mugshots can result in you losing dates, jobs or even the chance to get credit.

Apart from paying to delete your data, you are able to create new and exciting content on highly reputable websites to censor your negativity on Google. The mugshot sites have faced a number of lawsuits.

Unfortunately it is the case that the law does not find any problem about these records, which is the most troubling aspect. If the mugshot website doesn’t solicit payment from you it is permitted to release arrest records for different states across the country.

However, due to the new policies and laws from Google numerous mugshot websites have shut down or dropped off the top page following an algorithm update recently which severely penalized these kinds of websites.

The Most Popular Websites For Mugshot Websites

Every mugshot website claims that the people they feature are innocent until they are proved guilty. This can be helpful when being sued since this is always the case. In the absence of updating the outcome of the case it is within the bounds of the law.

They also say that the information that they have on their site shouldn’t be used for an interview process for hiring, for housing choices, or insurance claim or in other functions related to business.

However, once they view your picture on the internet this will dissuade them not to do business with you since they will automatically conclude that you are a “bad one” with a bad name.

Mugshot sites don’t always give the complete story. The truth is that they do not tell the whole story, and EraseMugshots is determined to change that.


What is it that makes Rapsheetz such a bad idea? It is simple that this website does not erase any arrest records without documents for expungement. It is therefore necessary to engage an attorney to secure your charges at the county level prior to being able to erase your personal information.

What a coincidence. This website is a mugshot service run by two gentlemen who operate living in their basements, as well as “requiring” legal documents. What is the reason! ?

This has adversely affected thousands of people as a lot of charges are dismissed but not cleared.

The most problematic aspect of RapSheets is that they usually have a high rank on websites like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. In the absence of mugshots and arrest-related keywords within their website names They can evade algorithm modifications.

Are you looking for additional assistance with removal information? We’ll provide you with an expert team of removal specialists who will be able to answer your questions, concerns or questions that you might have.


BailBondCity is operated by the SAME people who own RapSheets So it’s just right that they’re the second on our list.

Documentation for expungement is required to erase or change any information about arrests on this website for mugshots.

In May of 2018 the owner of was detained after exporting thousands of people. is, probably, the most notorious mugshot website that we have come across to date, and they charge anywhere between $300 to $500 for one image to be removed.

In most cases, they’ll contact you via email or phone and demand payment to get your personal information deleted. If you do not agree to the payment and are not able to pay, you could be met with a rude negative response from the owner.

If your contact information is on Contact us now. We’ll design the perfect removal solution to your budget and needs.


In Boca Raton, Florida, BocaBusted is pretty tolerant when it comes to requesting a mugshot’s removal.

The only downside which is the reason we have BocaBusted on our mugshot sites list is that BocaBusted accepts only payments through BitCoin. The majority of people are not familiar about BitCoin or Cryptocurrency. This can render it difficult to get rid of details.

Furthermore, BocaBusted will not remove the charges of violence (domestic violence assault with bodily harm, domestic violence, etc.)


Like many people think, LookWhoGotBusted says it does not have any connection with BustedNewspaper as well as BustedMugshots. The mugshot website is a different source of arrest records available online which claims to be the “most current in the field.”

Similar to RapSheets as well as BailBondCity, LookWhoGotBusted also has conditions you must meet to be able to remove your photo from their website. These are:

“If charges were dropped or if the record was expunged or there is an error for which you have documented proof, email us by clicking on this email address: Make sure that you click there to ensure we are aware of the specific post you’re discussing. DO NOT change the subject of the email.

Please forward court documents that support your case by sending copies of them to your email. Once we have confirmation, we’ll happily remove the posting for you at no cost.

Posts of deceased people will be removed in the same manner. We do not provide paid removals, whether directly or through third-party, like so-called “reputation” businesses, who may claim to take down posts. We recommend you consult us before you spend the cash .”

Mugshot Laws

In recent times, lawmakers have been trying to block these websites which have been protected under The First Amendment. Georgia State Representative Roger Bruce introduced a new law, which is a crime for websites to demand Georgia citizens to remove their mugshots.

What did these websites accomplish? They stopped removing, but continued to publish. This resulted in hurting people more severely than it did before. In the past, people could pay for removal, but now they have to endure indefinitely.

Mugshot websites currently have 30 days to remove photos or it is a violation of law. Fines could be imposed for not observing the rules of getting rid of the records that were exempted, dismissed, or sealed.