Tilt and turn windows are popular among homeowners who want to give their house a modern yet practical dimension. While most window types only swing in or out, these windows also open at the top for easier upkeep and proper ventilation. Their excellent security and weatherproofing features make them highly versatile and practical due to their 2-way hinge mechanism. 

Do you want to install tilt and turn windows in your house? Here you will understand details about tilt and turn windows price in India 2022 to help you make the right decision.

What are Tilt and Turn Windows?

Tilt and turn windows can tilt inwards like hopper windows at the top or open inwards at the side from hinges. When opened in the tilt position, they provide rain protection and draft-free ventilation. When closed, these windows look like casement windows. 

Tilt and turn windows work in three modes:

  1. Normal Mode: Turn the handle to move the sash like a standard casement window. This mode thoroughly ventilates the space by opening the entire window.  
  2. Tilt Mode: Turn the panel inwards to a tilted position. This mode circulates the air indoors without opening the window entirely. The tilted opening has the added advantage of enhanced security since no one will fit through the tiny gap.

Factors Affecting Tilt and Turn Windows Prices 

Tilt and turn windows can be creative, especially when combined with other windows types like casement and fixed. If you are concerned about their price, it may vary depending on their material, size, glass, glazing, and other factors. Let’s talk about them below.

Material: PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is the cheapest option available. But these do not last long or complement the aesthetics as the windows are pretty chunky. In contrast, aluminium tilt and turn windows are cost-effective. Experienced manufacturers provide the windows as per Japanese industrial standards. Therefore, aluminium tilt and turn windows last long, are sleek, operate seamlessly, ensure maximum glass area. To culminate, the type of material used plays a critical role in determining the tilt and turn windows price.

Window Treatment: Window treatment also defines the price. Typically, aluminium windows come with anodised and powder coating options. In addition, TEXGUARD coating is also available, which ensures that these windows do not lose their colour and lustre for 40 years. From the context of cost-effectiveness, TEXGUARD coated tilt and turn windows ensure maximum RoI.  

Size: The size of your windows will influence their cost significantly. The bigger your windows are, the more glass they will require. It is crucial to contact the manufacturer to get a quote based on the size and other requirements. 

Tilt and turn windows are excellent to make your house adequately ventilated and more beautiful. Additionally, you may choose from various treatments and materials as per your objectives. 

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