Becoming a mother and father is bliss for many couples. And living a life being parenthood is the immortal feeling in the world. In today’s array, most couples are struggling to become parents. And the reason behind this is their infertility problems and reproductive health issues. Now, for all these infertility problems, medical science has come up with infertility treatment like IVF with many variants such as donor egg IVF, frozen embryo transfer (FET), follicular monitoring, ICSI.

Mishka IVF center provides all such fertility treatments to their patients. The Mishka IVF clinic is a top-rated and successful IVF center in Jaipur having the best IVF specialist, Dr. Ruchi Bhandari.

Moreover, Mishka IVF in Jaipur pink city has taken the heart of many peoples by their impeccable services and facilities they provide at affordable cost.

Hence, Mishka IVF, an advanced reproductive unit of Bhandari Hospital and Research Center, Jaipur, is one of its kind in entire Rajasthan with very high IVF success rate. The one reason for such high IVF success rate is IVF with FET(Frozen Embryo Transfer).

Read further to know all about FET and how much is the cost of IVF with FET at Mishka.

Meaning of Frozen Embryo Transfer

FET or frozen embryo transfer is a process in which female has to undergo a regular IVF cycle, which is transplanting the embryo in the uterus’s lining, but this time instead of fresh embryos, the frozen embryos, which were extracted during last cycle and restored in nitrogen gas is used.

frozen embryo transfer
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Nowadays, women can restore their unused eggs from IVF cycle at freezing point through cryopreservation at IVF clinic in Jaipur. After a certain period of time, when the female body is ready again for IVF cycle, she can go with such embryo transfer cycle rather than a fresh embryo.

FET is one of the best and effective procedures among all IVF treatments.

Process of FET with IVF

Generally, women, after age 40, or who cannot have healthy eggs choose frozen embryo transfer with IVF treatment. The reason behind this decision is first, to restore the healthy embryo managed somehow through medication in the first IVF cycle. And second, they can restore their healthy eggs in early fertile phase (25 years-30 years), and use them later to get conceive after fulfilling career goals.

Surprisingly, the IVF treatment has also responded well to frozen embryo transfer.

The process of IVF with FET is similar to the normal IVF cycle, except for the fact it is more speedy and accurate.

To start with, in IVF process, IVF doctors retrieve eggs from the female body and fertilize them with male partner sperm at the laboratory in a lab dish.

But, with Frozen embryo transfer, IVF cycle, the expert thaw the frozen embryos preserving at -195 degrees, back to normal temperatures through specific process. Then the embryologist directly implants these embryos in the women’s uterus, dodging the first two steps of retrieval and fertilizing embryos.

Thus with frozen embryo transfer, you have faster procedure and better results of IVF.

However, the FET cycle is the most updated and the latest technique procedure of IVF treatments. Through this process, the chances of miscarriages are lower, and the baby who is born should be healthy and fit.

Cost of IVF with FET

As we know that currently, people prefer to go with low-cost IVF treatments, giving successful results; therefore, Mishka IVF clinic is gaining popularity among infertile couples in India for delivering more than what is expected.

At Mishka IVF center, The FET process cost is average under the range of Rs. 45,000 – 60,000 which is added with the usual IVF cost in India.

Frozen embryo transfer – choose Mishka IVF center

Considering all the points shared above, we are now familiar with FET process and its cost. The other thing to understand is that choosing the best IVF center for IVF treatment with frozen embryo transfer is equally important.

We strongly recommend Mishka IVF clinic as the best IVF center in Jaipur, pink city of India, for infertility treatments, gynecologist services, and cosmetic gynecologists. Moreover, this IVF hospital is well-known name for successful and positive results for the frozen embryo transfer IVF treatment.

Also, the Mishka IVF hospital has the best IVF specialist Dr. Ruchi Bhandari, also the director of the IVF clinic. She has been running this IVF hospital for the last 7 years and has given positive results to the patients.

The Summary Of The Blog

At the end, we can conclude by recommending Mishka IVF, the best IVF center in Jaipur for frozen embryo transfer procedures with most affordable IVF cost.

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