Current bicycle helmet tests from 2022 have not shown any advantages over conventional micro or hard shells for some additional safety systems such as special road electric scooter with reflectors, on the other hand, many experts consider a good idea, as visibility is otherwise not given with dark or even black men’s bicycle helmets at dusk or at night.

Tip: Men’s bicycle helmets for road bikes and MTBs have special ventilation systems with which heat accumulation under the helmet can be avoided.

Even if you are looking for the best and not a cheap bicycle helmet for men, the price-performance ratio plays a big role. Men’s bicycle helmets from Uvex and Alpina, for example, are very popular with cyclists. As a result, the range of a manufacturer such as Uvex also primarily produces bicycle helmets for sports supplies. The Uvex bicycle helmet for men “Viva 2” is available in matt black and some other colors for 45 euros.

If you are looking for a city helmet, you may find it in the Abus range. The large selection of men’s bicycle helmets starts in the lower price range at around 25 euros. Extravagant and correspondingly more expensive, however, is the model “Shrimp”. This aerodynamic men’s bicycle helmet from Abus is available in stores for 160 euros. A comparable price level can be found in men’s bicycle helmets from Cube. Simple, inexpensive men’s bicycle helmets from Cube are available for 40 euros.

Men’s bicycle helmets from Giro, on the other hand, are sportier on the road, but therefore not expensive. Again, you pay as much as for an Abus bicycle helmet for men.

Note: Even in winter, a men’s bicycle helmet offers protection, but it does not keep the head warm. For the cold season, therefore, bicycle caps and caps are suitable, which can be easily worn under the helmet.

Are there XXL bicycle helmets for men?

Usually, bicycle helmets for men are usually divided into sizes from S to XL. However, as with other cycling clothing, some manufacturers also offer plus sizes. A men’s bicycle helmet in XXL is a good choice from a head circumference of 63 cm.

What brands and manufacturers are there?

Bicycle helmets for men are available from all established bicycle helmet manufacturers. Key brands include:

  • Abus 
  • Uvex 
  • Alpina 
  • Nutcase 
  • Profex 
  • Cratoni 
  • Bell 
  • Casco

How long is the shelf life of a men’s bicycle helmet?

When you buy a brand new men’s bike helmet, you probably don’t think about how long you’ll have something of it. Nevertheless,best electric scooters it is important to know when a bicycle helmet needs to be replaced. After a fall, for example, in which the helmet has suffered considerable damage, it should usually be replaced. However, the material also ages without external influence from UV radiation and weathering.