Creating engaging and decent quality content is a resource-consuming process. However, to establish a blog’s brand, rank in search results, and have a successful blog, such content is necessary. Visitors appreciate blogs that put effort into the content.

You might want to consider guest blogging to make your visitors happy and take all of the perks that good content brings. In short, guest blogging is inviting an external author to write a blog post for your blog. Let’s find out what are the benefits of this!

Benefits of guest blogging

Some authors are just starting and want to promote their work and create portfolios. Usually, they will ask administrators of blogs to give them credits and links for their social media or website. In this situation, the blog gets free and good content, while the author gets a reference.

Another situation is when one blog approaches another blog and offers guest posting. Here the benefits may vary since the blog, which has a better reputation and is generally considered bigger, can ask for payment. Again, the blog post’s author gets credits, and the blog itself gets backlinks.

SEO improvements

Now that we scratched the surface and reached backlinks as a perk of guest blogging, it’s a great moment to consider the impact on SEO. If you just started your blog and you still don’t have any rankings in search results, offering the guest posts to other blogs can be a great way to launch your blog on the first pages.

A good thing to remember is that guest posts are usually done between blogs in similar niches or related niches. Probably not the best idea to ask for a guest post on a car blog if your blog is about agriculture.

Brand awareness

Highly related to SEO, brand awareness is another way to consider. Blog or author are a brand – getting recognized by the targeted audience is a massive step towards building a sustainable bog or career. Make sure that the posts you deliver show you in the best light – don’t rush them just because you write them for a blog other than yours.

How to start guest blogging?

Offer blogs in a similar niche to yours to write a few posts for them and offer them guest posts on your blog. Create a page for such collaborations so it’s transparent and available for anyone who visits your website.

Make sure you use Simple Author Box to credit the work of the author or authors that made a particular post. This plugin comes with different widgets and is fully customizable – you can integrate it into your blog in no time. 

Now that you have everything set up ask authors who wish to do guest posts to give you a short description of their work, photos and full names so you can credit them appropriately in the Simple Author Box.

Final thoughts

In this article, we covered the basics of guest posting and gave tips on getting started with it and which plugins are helpful.

We cannot go without mentioning WP Sticky, which allows you to keep an element of your pages in the desired position. No code is needed!

WP 301 Redirects is another excellent plugin that ensures that all links coming to your blog are appropriately directed. This way, you will not lose any traffic from your guest posts.