The most common item used as a kitchen ingredient is onions. Indians use this root veggie in every food item, which brings out delicious food. But did you know that the same ingredient could fix your hair fall? Yes, you read that right. An onion has got all the essential minerals that help stop hair fall and give you a visible shine in no time. You would be able to check the result just after one wash itself. You could get Onion Oil anywhere at any drugstore or online shops. Keep reading the article to learn more about it.

More About Onion Oil

The onion oil is made with essential ingredients like flaxseed oil and ginger. The goodness of both of these ingredients increases the oil’s power, giving you the maximum benefits. How do an onion oil aid hair growth and combat hair fall? You must know that it contains the goodness of sulphur, vitamin A,  C, and E. All of these elements help promote healthy tresses.

Other Benefits Of Using It

If you go through Ayurveda, then you would be utterly surprised to see that it has already been mentioned as a tool to combat dandruff and frizziness of the hair. So, if you use such an item on your hair, you are not only going to get a dandruff-free scalp but also tresses that would shine for life long with regular use. Why not try it out today? These come for less, along with all the powerful elements needed.

Key Ingredients Of Onion Oil

The key ingredients that are included in the onion oil are the goodness of flaxseed oil, ginger and onion. The other ingredients include almond oil to moisturize the scalp, olive oil nourishes the hair and protects hair strands against damage. Forgiving you a softer and shinier look, argon oil is added to the process. Bhringaraj oil also acts as a natural conditioner; hence, it is added to the bottle too.

Other Essential Ingredients

The grape-seed oil is used in making the solution too. What is the work of a grape-seed oil? This oil would help your hair become damage-free. All the roughness of your hair would vanish away within no time. Next comes the jojoba oil. Who hasn’t heard about jojoba oil? As you might already know that this oil would help your hair become stronger and prevent split-ends too. The addition of Hibiscus oil makes it super efficient as it has got amino acids to give your hair an added strength.

The Shampoo

It is not only limited to oil but also shampoo. The herbal shampoo is the best shampoo for Hair  fall. It is made up of the goodness of Reetha, Shikakai and Amla. With regular use, you would be able to see immediate results. Moreover, this shampoo is free from any chemicals, and hence, you do not need to worry about its ingredients.

Overall, these two items would help reduce your hair fall and promote hair growth with regular use.