As with all things, the workplace that we operate in everyday adapts, improves, and modernizes with time – where we once used bulky desktop computers and clunky screens, we now use high-powered laptops, tablets and more innovative technology to help us get the job done. One thing that’s become particularly important in the modern business world is the use of video conferencing technology, which has revolutionized the way that we connect and collaborate with colleagues and stakeholders in every capacity. Below we take a look at the ways you might be able to utilize video conferencing as a tool within your business, and the benefits that you’ll be able to take advantage of.


The first use for video conferencing is collaboration, whether it’s communicating internally or chatting to people from outside of your business, using video conferencing tools are a quick and effective way to do so. The tools have a range of features built-in that make working together with a more productive process – whiteboard and screen sharing make it easier to create and display your ideas to the group, whilst cloud-storage keeps everything in one safe, easily-accessible location to be accessed whenever it’s needed.

Group messaging is often a major feature within the platforms too, giving you the ideal place to message individuals or groups instantly, keeping everyone in the loop with the latest developments and progress.


Next up, we have meetings – something that we all have to take part in if we want our places of work to prosper. Meetings are vital when it comes to striking new partnerships, sealing deals, and working on big projects, but with video conferencing tools at your disposal, they don’t have to feel like such a chore. Whether it’s 1-on-1 meetings with an employee or a cross-company conference with a guest speaker, using a video conferencing tool allows everyone to get involved regardless of their location, meaning meetings are also now more flexible and easy to schedule in line with people’s calendar than ever before.

The remote access also enhances ease of use during meetings, cutting out the need for every participant to be together in the same physical room – instead they are gathered in a virtual space where they’ll all be able to see, hear, and interact with each other just as they would in a conference room.


Presentations are also a process that has hugely benefited from the expansion of video conferencing technology, with both the devices and software enabling the user to present in a more immersive and captivating way. With screen sharing you’re able to give every participant in the meeting a front-row seat to the action so nothing is missed and everything is noticed, improving the flow of the meeting massively. You’ll also be able to seamlessly share your files on large communal screens in a conference room too, so if you are sticking to the traditional in-person meetings, you’re still able to make use of the technology to put yourself across in the best manner possible.

To truly make the most of video conferencing in the workplace, you may be able to integrate a video conferencing room – these are dedicated spaces that are tailored to make the most out of the technology and platforms that you want to use, designed by experts to ensure logistical sense throughout. Kinly is partnered with a range of top collaborative platforms, so get in touch today to see how one of their video conferencing rooms could benefit your business!