Electricity is without any doubt the main source of energy in our houses and offices. We can not imagine our life without the usage of electricity when everything around us works on it. Everything functions on electricity, from tube bulbs, fans, mobile, and other electronic machines. The overconsumption of energy is leading to energy depletion, and we could face a drastic decrease in its availability. So we must start saving it now. 

Electricity conservation can save not just energy but our money too. To maintain a good score, pay your JBVNL online electricity bill payment on time. Another way to save money is to find a good plan and rates at Pulse Power (has special cheap rates on Home Energy Club) which can help you save money on your electricity bill. We should reduce electricity consumption to preserve these energies coming from natural sources. Nothing is permanent or eternal here. Even the sun’s power keeps decreasing too. You can learn how to save electricity below. 

Top 7 Ways to Reduce Electricity Consumption

These are a few simple steps anyone can take to save electricity consumption at home or in the office. If put into the habit, these practices can help us all in energy conservation. Read further to know seven ways to reduce electricity consumption.

  1. Install solar panels: The best way to save electricity is by installing solar panels at your home or office. It takes energy from direct sunlight to generate power. Sun’s heat energy is free and abundant. You can take advantage of it. Instead of depending on the powerhouse for the supply, you can process your energy for your daily needs. Solar panels take energy from the sunlight to produce electricity. Places with abundant sunlight should get solar panels installed on their rooftop to benefit from the sun. 
  1. Shut down unused appliances: This is something to practice wherever you go. Whenever you see an electronic device that is not in use or fully charged, you can remove it from the socket. It saves energy from getting wasted. It includes TV, fans, lights, laptops, phones, etc., that we use daily. If you cut off the power supply to your appliance not in use when moving out of the room reduces the utility bills. 
  1. Use LED lights: Instead of using tube bulbs or any other bulbs for the light, you can use LED lights. It saves a lot more energy and has brighter lights. It saves your money by saving electricity consumption. You can pay your CESC electricity bill payment online through the MobiKwik app if you live in Calcutta. Use energy-efficient bulbs in homes and offices to cut off excessive elasticity bills. It might cost a little more than incandescent light bulbs, but it helps you save money in the long run. 
  1. Work in nature: The smart way to conserve electric energy is to use natural light and air more. During the daytime, you can work in nature, where light and air are both available for free. Open the windows of your room for clear ventilation. You not only get fresh air filled with enormous oxygen but have the pleasure of soothing sunlight. Working in natural light and air has health benefits, too, apart from monetary benefits. 
  1. Use upgraded equipment: Upgrading your equipment regularly is an effective way to save electricity. Older equipment generally absorbs a lot more energy to function. It drains your electric energy and thus makes you pay more electric bills. You can opt for the MobiKwik app to pay your JBVNL online electricity bill payment and save money. Upgraded equipment comes with an advanced electricity-saving bonus point. 
  1. Light-colored rooms: Dark colors absorb light and reflect lesser light making it appear darker. Coloring rooms in dark colors require more lighting, thus more electricity consumption. Always try painting rooms in light colors for good light reflection. A standard lightning bolt or natural light will be sufficient for the room. 
  1. Insulate your home: Insulating the home is vital in lowering electricity bills. Insulation keeps the heat intact during the winter and reduces the consumption of heaters or other heating appliances. Using summer insulation keeps heat from entering the house, keeping it cool. Paying CESC electricity bill payment on time saves from due date fines. 


Energy preservation has become a crucial need of our present time after seeing energies vanish. Electricity production depends majorly upon water, which is also limited. We should not take our resources for granted and conserve them. The above provided seven ways are good practices to reduce electricity consumption.