Getting a new car may be thrilling, but maintaining it is challenging. It takes a lot of patience and is a full-time commitment. Not only will it increase the life expectancy of your vehicle, but also its fuel efficiency, safety, and reliability. Plus, it will look good!

Checking its fluid levels and regularly washing it are some of the basics. Applying paint protection film on your car can further protect it from unwanted scratches and swirls. Your car is a complex machine. That’s why it is essential to pay attention to every detail when maintaining.

With cars being the most convenient mode of commute, there is no denying that you need to show some love to your car.

So, how do you do it?

Change the Oil at Regular Intervals

Changing the car oil is essential for many reasons. Your car engine accumulates dust and debris that can cause corrosion. Over time, this will affect the longevity of the machine. As a result, your vehicle will not run as smoothly as when you got it from the showroom.

Routinely changing the oil helps keep the unwanted particles away and the engine healthy. You will also see some improvement in the gas mileage.

Check the Brake Pads

Make sure to check the brake pads once in a while for any wear and tear. This is for your safety and your vehicle’s. A car with worn-out brake pads will not be able to come to a quick halt in emergencies.

If you stay in the city, you will have to replace the brake pads more often than those in the suburbs.

Check the Tyre Pressure

Low tyre pressure also affects the lifespan of your vehicle negatively. Moreover, it will increase fuel consumption too. That is why you should get a good look at the tyres occasionally.

By getting the tyres rotated and wheels realigned routinely, you can increase the stability of your vehicle. It is crucial for ensuring safety.


Protect It from Scratches

Getting dents and scratches on your car is a sure-fire way to ensure your vehicle turns old before its time. It is not always possible to keep any scratches from occurring. You can, however, minimise it.

So, a few precautions you can take regarding this are as follows:

  • Make sure to not park your car near other vehicles, or high pedestrian traffic
  • Keep your vehicle away from narrow parking spaces
  • Practice defensive techniques while driving
  • Protect your vehicle with a ceramic coating or a paint protection film

Keep the Interiors Cleaned

It may not affect your vehicle’s performance directly, but a poor interior will impact the resale value. If you plan on getting some return on your investment, then you better keep the vehicle clean and tidy.

This is especially important for those with light-coloured interiors. You can put down all-weather car mats to avoid your seats getting smudged with mud. Using plastic sheets and towels is also a good idea.

Keeping your car as good as new is challenging for a single person. For this, getting scheduled services from professionals at regular intervals might be the best solution. Moreover, you should never forget to drive safely as it is essential not just for maintaining your car, but for your own sake.

Now that you know how to maintain your car, you can get started on it right away.