The political transformation brought many innovative changes in the state of Punjab and implemented several beneficiary ideas in various sectors. Similar to other reformed changes in many fields, the teaching department is also benefitted from the new schemes implemented by the current ruling party. Charanjit Singh Channi, the current chief minister of Punjab, has taken over the charge in September 2021and the ceremony was honored by the Governor Mr. Banwarilal Purohit. 

The newly formed cabinet is very powerful and works for the welfare of the public. The new cabinet under the governance of the newly elected Chief Minister is successfully leading the ministry rapidly. 

About the pedagogy minister

Several changes in the educative field have been made by the newly elected minister Mr. Pargath Singh. The personality is an experienced candidate, and he fought in the elections on behalf of the Congress party. The administration under the concerned department is incredible, and he remains a Hockey player and attains the position of captain for the team in his earlier days. The education minister PunjabMr. Pargath Singh, has won the election with a huge number of votes and has a great connection with the departments includes Indian Railways and the Police sector of Punjab. 

His achievement in the teaching sector is recommendable and is appreciated by the public. The most common people like administration capacity, and the way he implements the ideas is highly appreciable. 

Developing the skills of the students

The education minister Punjab is a well-educated personality, and he knows the importance of learning well. Hence, he helps the students gain knowledge and introduces plans for the learners’ skill development. Being a player, he knows the value of physical fitness and introduces the physical activity schemes for the welfare of the students. 

He is responsible for the changes in the department of science and tries to improve the standard of teaching in the state. His ideas and views will improve the learners’ skills and help them complete their schooling, followed by a degree for their development. 

Other activities of the personality

The education minister Punjab is in charge of various other sectors, and the important fields he has to work is as follows

  • Examination Council
  • Teaching Council
  • Education Publishing House
  • National Commission for Teaching Board

Apart from the mentioned fields, he has to efficiently take care of the other sections for public welfare. 

It is not easy to perform various roles but, being a responsible person, he tirelessly works for the development of the state. He values the people’s trust more and remains a sincere and dedicated minister, expected by the common people. 

They uses his knowledge in the developmental schemes and tries to increase the value of every individual in the society by making them literates. Helping to gain knowledge is a difficult way of serving people, and the ministry seeks the attraction of the public by their ruling way. 

Critics comments and appreciates his work, and it is not that easy to gain the trust of people, but, as an exemption, Mr. Pargath Singh wins the heart of the people and works for the development of the state.