The biggest issue with the modern digital platform is the risk related to security threats. With the passage of every day, the tools and techniques used by hackers and other evil-minded people are evolving, which is why there is a sheer need to make changes to our practices. A couple of years ago, what used to work against hackers was not enough to keep the data and the solutions secure.

In such a situation, we need to flock to new, advanced, and modern measures for preventing digital warlords from stealing your data. And currently, Ip geolocation is proving to be a savior for the digital platform as it allows a long list of companies for combating malicious traffic. But how is Ip geolocation helping to fight cyber attacks? Let’s find out through this blog post.

Understanding the management of network traffic

Traffic management, or more popularly known as traffic filtering, means using network traffic attributes to deny or accept access to a specific network. In this process, the source country attribute is also used for granting or declining access to a particular network through a specific IP address.

How is IP geolocation helping?

You might have many layers of security installed to keep your data, website, and business solutions safe on the internet. Still, the firewall is always going to act as your first layer of security. For making sure that the traffic coming to your websites is legitimate, analysis of the flagged transmission is done. Then only the decision of allowing or denying access to the network is taken. There is a long list of criteria used by the firewall for deciding whether to accept or decline access to the network.

But there is one more option of managing the traffic where the access is given according to the country and traffic from a specific country is completely banned. Many firewalls out there have the unique feature of filtering the available IP addresses from different countries. Using thelocation database API, the system can find which country has been blacklisted. According to the available data, the system can block the IP addresses from that particular country.

But in such a situation, even you will not be able to send data to the blocked country, which is what most business owners forget while using a firewall as their first layer of security.

In the case of location database API, we get a proper geolocation tool for different IP addresses. The advanced tool is used to identify IP addresses from specific countries simply. This type of service will help you find all the risky accounts and behaviors from a particular location.

The role of IP geolocation

If a specific pattern reveals a series of attacks from a particular country, then the best thing you can do is block all the traffic from that specific country. But you should know that rejecting traffic from a specific country can interfere with your genuine need to interact with the server of that particular country appropriately.

So, it is always advisable to look at the drawbacks of banning traffic from a specific country as it can also be a drawback in many cases. But even if there are a few drawbacks, you can’t deny the effectiveness of IP geolocation in keeping your website and data security.

IP geolocation might not give you the exact location of the user, but it can help you filter out the IP addresses and then take action as per the situation.