87% of Americans want proof that workplaces and businesses keep up with a regular cleaning and sanitization schedule. 

A clean work environment is vital for employee and customer satisfaction, so it’s smart to consider investing in professional office cleaning like eMaids of Washington DC.

Keep reading for a look at how much professional office cleaning might cost your business. 

What Type of Cleaning Do You Want?

Knowing what you want is the first step to knowing what office cleaning prices might apply to you. Sit down and make a list of your priorities.

Do you want to stick with basic cleaning services, like:

  • emptying trash
  • sweeping floors
  • light dusting

Do you need more detailed office cleaning services, like:

  • cleaning surfaces
  • sanitizing
  • mopping

Consider that cleaning these areas will cost more:

  • window
  • bathrooms
  • breakrooms
  • appliances, such as microwaves or refrigerators

And don’t forget specialty cleaning needs, such as:

  • stripping and waxing floors
  • cleaning carpets

As you can see, there is a wide array of potential needs that will affect how much professional cleaning services might cost. 

How Big Is Your Office Space?

When considering your office cleaning cost, a professional cleaning service will first take into consideration the size of your space.

Smaller spaces without extras like breakrooms or bathrooms will cost less, averaging from $100-200 a month for just a few days a week to $500-700 a month for daily cleaning. 

As the space gets bigger and has more employees to clean up after, expect your cost to increase. Medium-sized office spaces are often charged per hour, averaging $30-50 per hour. 

Larger offices spaces and buildings are typically charged per square foot. Averaging out around $.11 per square foot, there is a rather wide range from $.05-$.50 or more. 

What Is in Your Office Space?

While size is an important consideration, know that what is in the space affects the price, too.

If the space is full of things to clean, such as cubicles, the cost per square foot will be higher. 

If the space is more open, like a warehouse, the cost per square foot will be lower. 

Remember that having extras that require a little more time and effort like breakrooms and bathrooms in your space will affect the cost. 

There’s Always Room to Negotiate

You can feel like you are not getting a clear answer when looking at price ranges for services.

Recognize that because the cost of a clean workspace depends on several factors you have room to negotiate. 

Commercial cleaning services take a lot of things into consideration to give you a custom quote. Don’t be afraid to get quotes from multiple companies and negotiate terms. 

They will often adjust prices in your favor if they clean for you regularly, more often, or have a longer-term contract. 

Make Professional Office Cleaning Work for You

While there are lots of things to take into consideration when setting up professional office cleaning you can make it work for you. Know what you want, know the price range you are most likely to be in, and be prepared to negotiate.