Indian summer is unbearable, and an air cooler is like a playa in the desert. Leading companies like Bajaj, Orient, and Crompton sell the best air cooler in India in this scorching heat. Research says that 6 million coolers were sold last year in the entire country.

Nowadays, we don’t buy things without detailed research. So check out the following points before purchasing a cooler in India.

Types Of Air Cooler 

Before choosing the best air cooler in India, you must know how many kinds of coolers there are and their functionality.

Personal Air Coolers – If you’re looking for an easy portable and compact cooler, this is one of the best options. This is a personalized cooler.  Personalized air coolers consume very little energy. There are four wheels installed under the cooler. Such a space-friendly cooler is indeed great in shape. You don’t have to compromise with the cooler’s size. Choose a portable and comfortable one that fits your personal space easily. 

Window Air Coolers – Presently, most people live in a small apartment where space is indeed a matter of consideration. Therefore, the companies are making window air coolers. They don’t occupy unnecessary space on the floor. You can install them on the window and enjoy their service. 

Tower Air Coolers – If you want a sleek, slim, and elegant-looking air cooler for your home, tower air coolers top the list. Compared to others, this air cooler is meant to throw the cool air at a higher point. So, one of its advantages is height. You’re not deprived of the cool air even when you’re standing or sitting at a high desk.

Desert Air Coolers – Desert Air coolers are specially designed for regions with dry air. These air coolers have the biggest tank of all. A 100 liters tank capacity makes the air cooler stand apart from the crowd. You can run the air cooler for long hours without worrying about the water to finish in the tank. Also, it has more cooling capacity than others. Desert Air Coolers come with four wheels and castor technology. Thus, you can move them quickly from one place to another. 

Deciding Factors Of An Air Cooler:

Tank Capacity

Tank capacity is a legit deciding factor of an air cooler. It decides how many hours your cooler will give service. Therefore, lookout for a large tank that is easily movable also.

Anti Mosquito Features 

Nowadays, air coolers come with such innovative features. For example, they can drive away mosquitoes from your room without a mosquito repellent coil or liquidator. 

Quality of Cooling Pads

Cooling pads are indeed a deciding factor of the air cooler as the hot air passes through them at the beginning. This is because they absorb the cold water and make the air cold.

Dust Filter

There were rumors that air coolers gather a significant amount of dust inside your room. Therefore, the companies are making coolers with dust filter technology. It filters the dust and emits only fresh air. 

Ice Chamber 

Some air coolers come with an ice chamber. Adding ice to the water helps to decrease the room temperature. Therefore, the ice chamber is an essential mechanism of an air cooler. 

Inverter Compatibility

Look for inverter compatibility because inverter technology in an air cooler helps in reducing energy consumption. 


Last but not least, design plays a vital role when it comes to an air cooler. The air cooler is not only an electronic appliance. It is a significant part of your room decoration as well. So, look out whether there is the slightest chance of damaging the look of your interior.

So, you have to take care of these essential features of a cooler while buying one. This is an expensive appliance. Therefore, it is important to make a wise investment that provides you with the ultimate satisfaction. 
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