Did you know a third of Americans end up filing their taxes at the last minute? If you need tips on how to find the best tax preparation services, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to find an excellent tax company. Use these tips to help you find a reputable and established tax professional.

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1. Determine What Tax Preparer You’ll Need

When looking for a tax professional, you’ll need to determine what you need for your business.

Some tax preparers will complete a state and federal return. They might not charge a lot of money if you have a simple tax situation. People who have a full-time job and get a W2 will have a straightforward tax return.

Were you a freelancer with various clients? If so, you might need some more help.

An expert will help you determine different business expenses you can deduct. They will also help you find other breaks you might not have known about.

People with an IRS Preparer Tax ID number can prep federal tax returns. There’s a wide range of qualifications and experiences.

A CPA will represent clients in front of the IRS for appeals, payment problems, and audits.

2. What About Enrolled Agents?

Enrolled agents have become federally licensed and can represent taxpayers before the IRS. They have to finish a detailed exam and complete continuing education.

Many tend to specialize in tax planning for audits and individuals. An agent can represent both a business taxpayer and an individual. Look for enrolled agents or CPAs through referrals or local organizations.

3. Get a Personal Recommendation

You should ask for a recommendation from your friends or colleagues. Someone might know a reputable tax preparer or company who will help you.

Check the Better Business Bureau ratings, as well, and read online reviews.

Does the tax preparer meet your particular needs? Do you need help with tax planning down the road, or do you need someone to file your return right now?

If you hope to open a business soon, look at working with a tax professional.

You want to work with someone who specializes in smaller businesses. The tax professional can tell you about tax planning strategies and deductions.

Do you plan to retire? Do you need to withdraw money from your tax-deferred retirement savings plan?

Make sure you meet with someone who specializes in financial planning. This way, you can figure out the most efficient way to use your account.

You should also ask questions about the return. This way, you’ll understand the deductions and credits. You’ll understand how to get the tax breaks down the road.

4. Verify the Tax Agent Number

When you look for a tax professional, make sure you ask the agent for their tax agent number. You should go online and see if the number appears on the Tax Practitioners Board website.

You want to make sure they have gotten recognized as a registered tax agent.

5. How Long Has the Tax Professional Been in Business?

Some companies will have been around for a long time. This means the tax company has faced various tax return cases. They have less chance of making a significant mistake compared to a new tax company.

6. Does the Tax Person Specialize?

Ask about the tax issues they specialize in and if they have the abilities to handle various claims.

You might need to keep looking for a company if they can’t deal with your tax claim.

7. What’s Your Budget?

If you’re on a budget, you might desire to choose the cheapest tax professional.

Yet, you want to make sure you’re working with a tax professional when filing your taxes. There’s a fee involved for a tax return. The price often gets charged by the hour.

If someone charges based on the size of the refund, look elsewhere.

8. Will the Agent Sign the Return?

Professional agents have to sign the client’s tax return. If you sign a blank tax return, the accountant could use their bank account number and steal your refund. Make sure you don’t sign an empty or incomplete tax return.

9. How Does the Tax Professional File Your Return?

Accountants who don’t lodge electronically shouldn’t be an option.

Tax agents should lodge electronically. Sometimes, the agent could make more errors because they don’t have the software to check or look for mistakes.

10. Request an Interview

While searching for a reputable tax professional, spend time reading online reviews. You also should ask for an in-person interview. If you plan to partner with the professional long-term, meet with them.

Tax time is a super busy period. You might end up chatting with them for 10 minutes. You should ask them a couple of questions during this time.

How will your tax data get kept secure? Does the professional charge a rate per hour or a flat fee? You could also ask about how many returns the professional completes.

Does the tax professional prepare your returns, or will staff assist? Ask these questions so you can make a decision.

If you’re ready to find your tax professional, begin your search. You can look up these terms, “find a tax accountant near me.”

Start Searching for the Best Tax Preparation Services in Your Area

We hope this guide on choosing a tax professional was helpful. When looking for the best tax preparation services, find someone who has the right skills.

The tax professional should be able to complete your claim. Look for an established company.

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