If you want to strikethrough text in Discord, you may be wondering how to do this. You can do this by using the text markup feature. You can use this function in both the PC and mobile apps. If you highlight text, then use the ‘B’ or ‘I’ icons to make it bold or italic.’ Then, strike through the word or phrase to remove it. This option will help you easily edit or delete the message.

When you want to strike out a word, you can press the “strikethrough” key to format the text. You can also use a double tilde character, which puts a line through text. The tilde key is located in the top left of a physical keyboard. Alternatively, you can use the punctuation menu to enter the two-character combination. By using this method, you can strike out the text on the Discord desktop.

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Highlight Word in Discord

To highlight a word in Discord, click on it and then click on the “S” icon in the top right corner. You will see a small black bar appear in the center of the text. You can click “S” to strike out a word. Type your desired word into the field and hit enter. After that, select the option for cross-out text. Once you have completed these steps, you can then use the Strikethrough text icon in your message.

Another way to strike through text is by using a tilde in your text. It looks just like a message with a line through it. You can also add a quotation mark to a text to make it stand out. However, if you are using this feature on your desktop, you must be connected to a Windows or iOS device to use it. It is very easy to do in the Discord chat room.

Text Markup Command

The text markup command allows you to use tildes to highlight text in Discord. By using tildes in your message, you can strike out a word. This command is available in the ‘Bold’ menu in Discord. The tilde is located beneath the Esc key on the PC. In the text editor, you can add or subtract tildes. You can also add underlines by typing a tilde, a ‘bold’, or a ‘bold’.

In Discord, you can use a strikethrough font to make text stand out. This font is a common style for highlighting words or phrases. You can enable it in Discord by typing the asterisk symbol before and after the text. You can also strikethrough by typing the characters as normal, or by removing the symbols. There are several methods to cross out text in Discord. The tilde method is one of the most common ones, but it is often the most complicated.

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Format Text in Discord

Besides using the strikethrough feature, you can also format text in Discord with the help of tildes. In Discord, you can use the asterisk character to indicate that the text has been changed. Unlike the text box, tildes are used to format plain text into a fancy one. For example, you can use the tilde symbol to turn an entire paragraph into a tilde.

If you want to strikethrough text, you can press the tilde key on your keyboard. The tilde key is in the top-left of the standard keyboard. You can use the tilde key to strikethrough text on Discord. By pressing the tilde key, you will have access to formatting options, including the tilde character. You can also type the tilde icon to make a tilde on a mobile phone.


You can also apply the strikethrough font by using a strikethrough font in the Discord application. This type of formatting is a common way to highlight certain parts of text on a website or in an email. To add the strikethrough effect to text on Discord, open the app. Start typing your message in the asterisk font and hit the tilde button to disable the formatting. This will cause your text to appear underlined.

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