If you are in Singapore and need professional outsourcing services, you’ve come to the right place. Our experienced team of accountant’s will provide you with a range of services such as bookkeeping, accounting preparation and complete financial statements. Artificial intelligence has enabled us to offer these services at a fraction of what it would normally cost due to the time savings that we’ve achieved through automation. We also have the ability to offer customised reporting at a discounted rate making our accounting service accessible and affordable for anyone who needs an expert eye on their finances.

As an accounting firm, we pride ourselves on going the extra mile to ensure our clients are completely satisfied with the service that we’re offering. We also offer a comprehensive range of services for technology start-ups and small businesses including business plan preparation, cash flow analysis, forecasts and business valuations.

Why Choose Us?

We provide a range of outsourcing accounting services including automated bookkeeping and cloud based electronic accounting solutions in Singapore. By utilising artificial intelligence to complete the most time consuming and laborious tasks such as accrual adjustments and posting transactions, our team of qualified accountants are able to concentrate on more valuable, high-level activities including business planning, budgeting and compliance reporting. We are also able to offer a wide range of accounting services for technology companies and small businesses.


The truth is that not everyone in Singapore can afford our excellent services. However, we are able to provide a number of affordable packages to suit every client’s specific requirements. As one of the most experienced financial outsourcing firms in Singapore, we are also able to provide you with reports as soon as possible whenever your financial needs arise.

Our Team of Accountants

Our team is made up of highly qualified accounting professionals who understand the importance of being a trusted advisor to clients from both private and public sectors. They are able to offer a wide range of services that are customised to meet the specific needs of technology start-ups, small businesses and high profile public sector organisations

Bookkeeping Outsourcing

Our accountants understand that bookkeeping is very important in ensuring that you’re able to recognize discrepancies and errors as soon as possible. We always work to ensure that you remain in complete control of your finances at all times. This is why we provide clients with reports on a regular basis and also perform a number of other bookkeeping related activities including reconciliation, monthly reporting and the management of accounts payable and accounts receivable.

Singapore Accounting Services for Small Businesses are Growing in Popularity

Singapore accounts are unique due to its status as one of the most developed and liberal countries in the world. The Singapore Government recognizes this and has instituted various programs encouraging small business owners to choose Singapore as their home base.

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur looking for a better way to run your company? These companies may be able to help you accomplish your goals! This article will take a look at some of the best accounting services that are available in Singapore, what they can offer, and how they can help guide your company into profitability.

There are innumerable advantages to establishing a firm in Singapore. Not only is it one of the world’s premiere business destinations, but there are also more than sufficient accounting firms available to meet your every need. The most effective accounting firms will be able to complete your Singapore accounts while providing you with a comprehensive understanding of your company’s financial situation.

That being said, there are some basic guidelines that you should follow before choosing an accounting firm to help you establish your new business. For example, it is absolutely imperative that you choose a reputable firm. When choosing an accountant, ask for references and opinions from people who have used their services in the past.

Are you thinking of opening a company in Singapore? Here are some questions to ask your accountant.

– What types of accounting services do you provide?

– How much do you charge for these services?

– When would your accounting services be needed to be done?

– Do you have a menu of the different types of accounts that you provide?

– Have you done any other financial auditing for small businesses in Singapore?

Check fraud & identity theft: I have been CISB and MICA accrediated with the Federation of Accountants Singapore & International Business (FAS/IBA).

Save money in tax: I am a QuickBooks advanced user and have the reliable tax accounting software which will help you to save more than 60% on your tax fees.

Audit & Assurance: I can help you audit your books of account with the third party audit firm such as an IPS or PwC, prepare and submit the audit reports to your Financial Advisors/Auditors or other Supervisors, prepare AFS250/251 for CPA firm/consultant. Also, I can provide my consent for any independent people to check my owned financial statements of past 5 years for assurance purpose. (It is necessary for a new company which is less than 7 years old.

Accounting services to businesses of all sizes in Singapore

Accounting services to businesses of all sizes in Singapore. At Steward we offer a range of accounting services tailored to suit your needs. Whether you need us to handle your back office functions, transform you into a successful business owner, or manage more complex processes and engagements, our team will help you keep on top of everything. Our expertise goes beyond the ordinary so if you are looking for cutting edge accounting solutions in Singapore with experienced professional accountants at your service then contact us today!

Founded by highly experienced professionals and with more than 30 years of experience in various industries, Steward has been providing leading-edge solutions for companies of all shapes and sizes throughout Australasia since 1990. Working with a motivated and friendly team, we are committed to helping our clients achieve their business goals. We pride ourselves on providing experienced professional accountants that borders on the extraordinary. We believe in achieving what others simply can’t through innovation and outstanding client service.

Our team of skilled professionals is highly trained and has extensive experience in all aspects of accounting, taxation & finance management, banking services and business advisory. Our services include:

Whether you have an outsourcing need or require full financial management we have the knowledge, experience and resources to help you succeed.

Your peace of mind is important to us, which is why we take pride in providing a high standard of service to every one of our clients. Our team of experienced professionals is highly trained and has extensive experience in all aspects of accounting, taxation & finance management, banking services and business advisory.