Shopping for a Pakistani men’s shalwar kameez has traditionally been part art, part skill, and part strategy.  The fact that you can now get Pakistani men’s shalwar kameez online has made life easier.  You do, however, still need to understand how to get a great Pakistani men’s shalwar kameez at an affordable price.  Here are some tips to help.

Figure out what suits your body type

Before you even start looking for a Pakistani men’s shalwar kameez online, figure out what suits you.  Start with the basic cut.  Think about the length, whether or not you want cuffs and what kind of collar style you prefer.  You might also want to think about whether or not you want pockets and, if so, how many and where.

Sorting this out at the start will allow you to filter out any shalwar kameez which doesn’t work for you personally.  Remember, there’s a difference between a shalwar kameez looking great in a picture on a model and it looking great on you.  You need to pick a shalwar kameez that suits your body type.

Never compromise on fabric

Colors can be changed very easily.  Embroidery can be added or removed.  Fabric, however, is, literally, what makes a garment.  If you want your shalwar kameez to feel good as well as looking good, you need to choose a high-quality fabric.

If you’re buying in the real world, you can check the quality of the fabric for yourself.  If you don’t know what to look for (or feel for) then you can bring along someone who does.  Online, however, you really have to rely on the retailer.  That means you need to stick to retailers with a good reputation.

One useful tip is that reputable retailers will generally state what fabric they use.  If it’s a blend, they’ll state the ratio of fibers.  If a retailer doesn’t mention this, it could mean they’d rather you didn’t think about the fabric.

Remember high-quality sewing matters a lot

Technically, lower-grade sewing can be repaired.  In practice, however, if a garment isn’t stitched properly, then you probably want to leave it alone.  Visible poor stitching can be a strong indicator that a garment is generally of poor quality.  Even if it’s been made of good fabric (which is unlikely) it’s not been put together properly.

Similar comments apply to the stitching as to the choice of fabric.  If you’re buying online, you need to be able to trust the retailer.  In particular, it’s a good idea to stick to retailers which offer hassle-free returns.  That means they have confidence in their products and respect for their customers.

Keep an open mind on colors and embroidery

It’s fine if you decide upfront whether you’d prefer a darker color or a lighter color.  After that, however, it can be useful to keep an open mind.  Likewise, you might want to be at least slightly flexible on the embroidery you want.  Remember, that can be changed later if necessary.

The more flexibility you have, the more likely it is that you’ll be able to get a Pakistani men’s shalwar kameez online at an affordable price.  In fact, you may even be able to get yourself a bargain.