What Is Black Friday and What Does It Mean?

Black Friday is a day in the United States that is known for massive sales and is generally connected with the day after Thanksgiving. Black Friday is the “formal” start of the holiday shopping season, as well as the year’s most important single sales day for businesses.

The Monday following Thanksgiving is known as Cyber Monday, and it is predominantly a day for internet shopping. In recent years, several stores (both physical and online) have adopted weekend promotions and, on occasion, sales that run into the following week.

What’s the Best Way to Get the Word Out About My Black Friday Sale?

You may promote your sale both online and offline in a variety of methods. The most influential media outlets for your customers, as well as the budget you have available, will determine which you choose.

  • Posts on social media sites
  • Marketing via e-mail (both pre and post-sale)
  • “Event” on Facebook
  • Paid Advertising¬†
  • Publications in trade magazines
  • Advertisements in the newspaper
  • Create posters and billboards for outdoor advertising (for larger budgets)
  • Campaigns using direct mail (for larger budgets)

High-Quality Image Resources

Being able to use your own photographs in marketing efforts is usually advantageous. Your consumers will be able to imagine how your products will fit into their daily life if you use high-quality product imagery.

However, you might want to employ imagery that references the holiday rather than your products for seasonal holiday ad campaigns. Black Friday sales posts, for example, are often done in black and white and may include jubilant imagery such as confetti or presents.

Make Good Designs for Flyers and Banners

To create visually appealing social media posts and website banner images, you don’t have to be a designer. Using templates provided by websites such as PhotoADKing, you will be able to create visually appealing content for all types of media for free!

PhotoADKing has compiled a collection of Black Friday Flyer Templates to help you create stunning flyers for social media posts for your small business.

Utilize Email Marketing

When it comes to preparing for Black Friday sales, email marketing should not be overlooked. You should market your sales and ensure that your contact list is excited about the deals you’re offering.

Creating visually appealing emails can be difficult for those of us who aren’t particularly visual, which is why using a template can be beneficial. You can make use of EKM’s lovely collection of email marketing templates. You can also contact our email marketing expert if you require a custom template for your campaign!