Every road user is protected by personal injury laws if someone else’s negligence causes discomfort to others. Every bicycle user is also given a right to their public roads safely without being injured by someone else. If your bicycle was hit by a car, then you should file a lawsuit against the driver to get compensation for your suffering. 

If you are not aware of the procedure for personal injury cases and you do not know what your next step should be, then here is a brief guide for you. 

Call 911 Immediately 

When a car hits you badly and you are injured, try to get back to your senses and call 911 immediately.  Reporting an accident will help you get professional help at the site of the accident. 

A medical unit and an emergency response unit will arrive at the scene of the accident within a few minutes. Meanwhile, you should calm down and avoid talking to the one who caused the accident. Avoid any verbal or physical confrontation with anyone. 

Note Down Important Information

While you are waiting for the police, try to Note down important information that may help you later on. For example, you should know the number plate of the car that hit you. Remember to notice the color and model of the car. If the driver comes out of the car, make sure to remember their face. Ask their name if possible. 

You should write this information, and take photographs of the injuries caused to you and the damage caused to the guilty party. You should keep this information safe in case you have to take things to court. 

Talk to The Eye Witnesses

You should look around the site of the accident and see if there are any eyewitnesses. Make sure to talk to the eyewitnesses so that you know the complete picture. Eyewitnesses can be extremely helpful especially if you are a victim of a hit-and-run case. 

If the guilty driver hits your bicycle and runs away from the crime scene, look for Eye Witnesses who may have managed to note down the car’s plate number. You should also look for nearby cafes or street security cameras for CCTV footage. Hire a bicycle accident lawyer so that you can have legal support. You will be able to get a copy of the CCTV footage if you have a lawyer with you. 

Get Medical Attention

You should not compromise on getting full medical attention. When you are injured in a car accident, then you should not sit back if you do not have visible injuries. Whiplash and back pain may start a few days after the accident. If you get complete medical attention from the start, you can avoid making things worse. 

You should keep all your medical reports, doctor’s notes, and prescriptions safe. This will be legal support for your personal injury claim. If you want to get compensation from the guilty party, then you should have all your bases covered.