Over one billion people used Instagram in 2020, meaning businesses and online services need to take advantage of the ever-growing platform. A great way to do so is through Instagram stories and their Highlights features. 

But what are Instagram highlights and how are they used? What are Instagram highlight covers and what should I do to make them look better?

That’s what we’re here to look at today. Read on to find out more about how your Instagram highlight covers can look better just like that!

What Are Instagram Highlights?

Highlights are essentially a group of previously posted Instagram stories that you can save and feature on your profile. This means those who didn’t catch your stories initially can check them out. 

It removes the temporary time-limit features of Stories, which is crucial if you share important products or events through your Instagram. They’re identified as Instagram highlight icons on your profile. 

Instagram Highlights are some of the first visual brandings that users see when they visit your profile. As such, it’s important to make them look not only better but optimized to improve your social media presence. 

Now that we know what they are, let’s go over how you can improve your own set of Highlights.

Find a Structure

The first part of improving your Instagram Highlights game is coming up with a legitimate structure. That is, you need to know which Stories you’ll feature and how you’ll categorize them. 

For example, if you advertise products through your Instagram, you’ll want to create a specific Highlight for Stories that meet that criteria. If you want to feature events that you’ve held, create a Highlight for those Stories. 

Once you come up with a few Highlight criteria, then you can start organizing your different Stories. Instagram lets you flip through all of your prior Stories if you hit the Highlights icon. 

Create Custom Covers

Using visual cues is the name of the game when it comes to creating eye-catching Highlights. While Instagram doesn’t force you to do this, it’s usually a good idea to at least put in some simple cover art. 

We recommend using an image that’s 1080 pixels wide and 1920 pixels high. It can be something that shows what the Highlight is about and can be a photograph or just a cute graphic. 

Use Visual Cues

Something that accounts like the New York Times has done to organize their Highlights is using emojis and other visual cues. In other words, you don’t have to use just words when setting up your Highlights. 

It can be a lifesaver if you’re struggling to find a good caption for your Highlights. It also serves as an excellent accompaniment for your Instagram Highlights Icons. 

Incorporate Different Colors

A great way to look organized and professional is selecting a specific color for your Highlights icons or choosing different ones each time. This improves your branding and makes things look more eye-catching. 

You can either set a blue background for each Highlight icon or choose different colors for each one. There are plenty of other cool Highlight ideas that incorporate color, so be courageous and try different ones out. 

Leverage Instagram Highlight Covers Today

Those looking to stand out from their Instagram peers should no doubt consider Instagram Highlights as something to explore. Use this article to help you create the best Instagram Highlight covers today!

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