The significance of the using mailer box inserts for unboxing experience has just recently become apparent. Customers could use social media to share videos of how they unboxed the things that were delivered to them. It has grown so popular that 55% of buyers say that unpacking videos impact their purchasing decisions. That is extremely powerful. You’re not merely impressing the customer with your product. You will also receive audiovisual materials to attract the attention of potential clients.

But that’s not the only reason why the unpacking experience is crucial. Customers’ loyalty to your brand can be increased if you do this correctly.

According to statistics, 70% to 80% of customers will only do more business with a brand if they feel a connection with them. Even if their experience was positive, people will not repeat it unless they make this link.

If your unboxing experience makes clients feel connected to you, it will be easier to increase customer loyalty. In the long run, encouraging clients to use your products and services will be easy.

How do mailer box inserts fit into this?

Consider impressing the consumer with a beautiful packaging design. However, when they open it, they find the products in disarray. Some of them may even have scratches on them.

Do you believe that is the type of presentation that will make an impression on your customers? The answer is NO. It could be the last time the customer purchases from you.

If you wish to avoid this issue, make sure to inspect the interior of your mailer box.

4 Advantages of Using Mailer Box Inserts

Using mailer box inserts is an efficient approach to ensure that your customers are impressed with your merchandise. If your customer decides to conduct unpacking videos, they will not be disappointed by what they see inside. Your brand can profit from a positive unboxing experience because it will reach more people when it is uploaded online. It may encourage others to test your brand.

Maximum Product Protection

Packaging inserts are also useful for adding an extra layer of protection. Although your products may arrive in their individual containers and even cartons, placing them in inserts can avoid them from being jostled while in transit.

This reduces scratches, bumps, and other damage. This is especially important when delivering delicate and fragile things. It’s like adding a second layer of protection to your merchandise. You don’t have to be concerned because you know your product has a low possibility of breaking.

Better Product Presentation

The use of mailer box inserts provides clients with a visually pleasing presentation of the merchandise. It makes no difference if it goes large distances. Your stuff will still look fantastic. It will not be mixed up. They’ll be where you put them.

You can plan how the things will look so that your clients get the finest unboxing experience possible. If you want them to appear playful, elegant, or opulent, the inserts will ensure that they do so when they arrive at your customer’s door.

This will provide them with a memorable interaction with your product packaging.

Contents List

Consider how your mailer box design might wow your customers. Then, when they open it, they’re blown away by how you’ve organized the things inside the box. How do you think they’d react to your product now?

They’ll think that if this is how you present your items, what else can they expect from you?

This is how your box inserts promote the entire unwrapping experience. It, together with the product packaging, sets the tone for the customer’s encounter with the real product.

Opportunities for Branding

The surface of the mailer box inserts provides you with an excellent opportunity to display your business. Aside from the customized box, you can personalize the inserts by printing your company name or logo on them. Feel free to include promotional inserts to help customers learn more about your company. Put free samples of products that you want to launch or push to customers. Add branded things that you know will enhance the customer’s experience with the goods they just purchased from you.

You may also include a personalized note thanking them for their purchase.

These are all instances of how you can boost customer interaction with your brand. Giving away free samples and gifts can help increase their opinion of your company and everything related with it.

5 Types of Mailer Box Custom Packaging Inserts

Now that you understand the importance of mailer box inserts in your sales and marketing plan, it’s time to learn about the various materials you can use to produce them. Choose the best material to round off the unboxing experience. Align it with the style and functionality of the bespoke packaging you used.

While you can be quite creative with your inserts, here are some popular materials that are great custom package inserts.

Cardboard Inserts

If you want your packaging inserts to be environmentally friendly, this is the most typical alternative. Cardboard and other paper-based materials are made from a renewable resource – trees. You may assist minimize the damage caused by deforestation and illicit logging if you obtain your resources from the correct supplier.

This is also useful if your mailer boxes are made of cardboard. You can obtain the inserts from the same firm that makes your personalized boxes. It will make the procedure easier, and you will be working with a company that understands your interests. This may even reduce the cost of adding the inserts to your mailer box. 

Not only that, but using cardboard allows you to be as creative as you want with the inserts. You can have it in any color and with any design you like. This is appropriate for cosmetics and other skin care or beauty products.

Pulp Inserts

This is yet another environmentally friendly alternative. Pulp inserts are simply molded pulp made from recycled fibers. Consider it similar to paper mache. When paper is recycled, it is disassembled into many pieces. They are then molded into various shapes and used for something else.

The beautiful thing about molded pulp inserts is that you can have them in any shape or form you want. You can be as creative as you wish with its design. They can be made to fit your products and any other items you choose to include in the box.

Because of their composition, they are ideal for electronic equipment because they are lightweight and excellent shock absorbers. This is an excellent addition to your sustainable packaging, and your clients will undoubtedly notice and appreciate it. Personalized electronic packaging is also a smart approach to preserve electrical devices. 

Foam Inserts

This is a big cry from the previous sustainable solutions, but don’t worry. There are eco-friendly bio-based foam products. These bespoke inserts are great for shipping delicate objects. They are lightweight and widely used in glassware and electronic items. These are especially good at protecting products from high temperatures, making them a suitable insert for mailer boxes going long distances.

The foam inserts are ideal for premium products since they convey elegance. With the proper texture and stiffness, you may increase the value of your product as well as the overall packaging design. Shipping products will be inexpensive because, as previously stated, they are very light and weigh nearly nothing.

Plastic Inserts

If you believe that plastic inserts can be sustainable, you’re looking in the wrong places. If your packaging requirements can only be met by utilizing plastic, don’t be concerned about its sustainability. You can continue with your sustainable packaging projects. Biodegradable plastic is an option for box inserts.

These can be made into any form or size that you desire. While it does not provide the same level of protection as the other choices described here, it does restrict your product from sliding around the box. This is a wonderful alternative if you offer food or medical goods and devices.

It’s also lightweight, so it won’t add much to your shipping costs. However, it may not be strong enough to support large goods. You’re better off using pulp or cardboard inserts for that.

Customized Inserts

Aside from these alternatives, there are other packaging inserts you may employ to create a wonderful unwrapping experience for your brand.

You can use fabric and other cushioning inserts such as branded tissue paper, for example. If you’re shipping out luxury items like jewelry or high-end electronics, you need to be more cautious about the material you use.

Use this opportunity to design promotional inserts by Custom Pack box that  will promote your brand and increase the worth of your company.