Staff awards are crucial for companies that value retention, high output, and happiness in the workplace. After all, workers that are happy in their jobs are at minimum13 percent more productive. And that means they’ll get more work completed for you and your business!

One proven way to ensure your employees are satisfied with their work is to reward them for a job well done. It could be with prizes, time off work, public praise… Read on for some more ideas.

Saying Thank You

Surprisingly, when it comes to boosting staff morale, a little “thank you” can go a long way. By simply flicking off an email to a staff member that did a great job retaining a problematic client, you’ll help to instill a sense of pride.

Just make sure the emails you send are tailored to individual staff members and tasks—avoid generic or form emails. And encourage feedback from your employees in every email you send. You need open dialogue about performance on both sides of the management divide.

Gifts and Prizes

Sometimes you need something more than just an email when boosting morale, staff loyalty, attendance, or whatever your HR goal is at the time.

Ideally, make gifts useful (like sports or concert tickets or gift cards) or themed around your business. You can also create recognition trophies inscribed with an employee’s name and achievements.

One of the easiest ways to shop for corporate gifts is online: This gives you access to an enormous array of options, and they’re delivered straight to your reception area.

Time Off

Workers in America regularly underuse their PTO. As an employer, one way you can reward employees is to organize your business practices to make time-off not just possible but encouraged.

Instill a culture that encourages adequate rest as a way of increasing productivity. Gift hard workers with extra time off—three-day weekends, longer lunch breaks, and late starts. And don’t hesitate to allow half-days or days off when employees with children or other dependents need it.

Public Recognition

Whether it’s personal or team recognition, identifying a job well done in front of others in the company can raise staff morale dramatically.

From “Employee of the Month” programs and confidential feedback boxes to annual enterprise awards, there’s no limit to the opportunities you can create to honor committed staff in front of their peers.

Staff Incentives

Incentives are different from benefits, which are baked into the sign-up salary. Some ideas for incentives include:

  • Casual dress days
  • Flexible hours
  • Pets at work
  • Fitness stipends
  • Gift card programs
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • In-house learning opportunities
  • Staff vacations
  • Office happy hours

The options are only limited by your imagination. If you’re stuck on ideas, encourage HR to ask your staff what incentives motivate them.

Staff Awards Really Work

Whether it’s simply firing off an email to thank a subordinate for their hard work on a recent project or planning a two-week, all-expenses-paid company vacation to the Bahamas, staff awards are sure to engage your staff. You don’t need to spend a lot of money (although that can help); you just need to be open to criticism and generous with your praise.

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