Businesses right now are facing an unprecedented challenge in the form of the COVID-19 pandemic and the sales team is taking the biggest hit. Although teams are still trying to chase leads and meet targets, they should also be checking up on their customers. An encouraging message or call from a business could be very reassuring for your clients and also help strengthen your business relationship. Here are some tips on how to make the customer feel appreciated using your telephone communication.

Personalize the Call

With the help of a CRM software consultant, you can add pop-ups to your caller ID with basic client information. A summary of the company, its location, and the size of your deal is ideal because you can use that information to address them by name. You can also make small talk about the weather in their area or the current situation for their industry. It is important to come across as genuine, so the other person feels valued. Keep the economic situation in mind, and do not push them to buy more products or services.

Take Notes

Make sure you have the software open during the call so you can take quick notes about their query. They might require a different shipping method or an unconventional approach. You should get all the details and write them down so there is no miscommunication. If it is a request, you do not usually cater to, you may go to your boss for approval. If you have clear concise notes of the telephone call you can refer to them later and provide personalized service.

Easy on the Follow Up

Sales usually require follow-up calls but during times of economic instability, it is better to keep a steady hand. If the client firmly declines then you should learn to respectfully accept their decision. Constant calls and emails can be insensitive and make a bad impression. However, when you need to follow up about details or renew contracts then you can schedule a call with them instead.

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Adopt Auto-Responders

If your business is not at full capacity or you are receiving more calls than usual, an autoresponder can come in handy. You can draft a message in a way that every caller feels confident about hearing back from you. Make sure to return those calls as soon as it is convenient. The missed call alerts are also a handy feature you can discuss with the CRM consulting company.

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Show Them You Care

Whatever happens with the deal make sure you thank the client for their time. You need to show them an appreciation for even considering your business. Sales come and go but the impression stays. The respect and care you show to your customers are important for the brand’s survival. You should not take their rejection personally and always stay hopeful that they might return at another time. Pleasant one-on-one interaction even if it is on the phone has the power to uplift a person’s spirits.