Are you planning to buy one of the best phones under 10000One out of ten of our readers must be planning to buy a new phone. You can always scan through some of the best mobile in India. However, there are many checkpoints that you must keep in mind before buying a smartphone. If you follow the points carefully, you will choose a phone with the best features within 10K. Although you will not get high-end features in an under 10K smartphone, you can get some useful basic elements in that budget.

Some of the essential checkpoints of a good budget smartphone:

  • Camera Specifications – We are obsessed with photography. Even if you are not clicking random selfies, you will prefer a smartphone with an excellent front camera. Before purchasing a budget phone, please ensure that it has an exemplary camera configuration. Today, budget phones offer anything between 8MP to 21MP.
  • Design & Color – Although modern phones are ergonomic and smartly designed, a smartphone’s outer appearance is crucial. If you are choosy about colors, then make sure that your chosen handset is available in your color choice. Else, you can look for another phone with the right configuration and preferred color.
  • Storage Space – A sufficient storage space is necessary for a smartphone to deliver a good end-user experience. We want our readers to be particular about a phone’s storage capacity. A low storage capacity will hamper the overall efficiency of the phone. We recommend 128GB internal storage phones for better phone performance.
  • Processor – The processor is the brain of the phone. A good processor makes your phone efficient and allows it to multi-task easily. An inferior processor configuration will deny you the optimal end-user satisfaction. Hence, choose phones with a good processing speed.
  • Battery – The battery is the central powerhouse of the mobile phone. A good battery gives adequate momentum to a smartphone. Today, we consider the 4000 mAh as a good battery. Try to purchase phones which come with a high battery configuration to enable uninterrupted usage throughout the day. You should be able to last more than 24 hours after a full charge.
  • Quick Charging – This feature is directly linked to the battery. Many smartphones come with fast charging ports. These ports allow you to fully recharge a phone battery from zero in less than 36 minutes.
  • Sound and Multimedia – Although you cannot determine the sound and multimedia quality from the specifications, you can check the reviews! There are plenty of smartphone review sites and forums. Read the customer reviews and feedback carefully before buying a particular phone. Reading reviews helps you in understanding the customer journey of the phone users.

Buying a smartphone is easy but buying the right phone is tough. Hence, we have come with several suggestions for our readers. A phone becomes popular owing to a large number of cumulative factors. These factors add up to create an enjoyable user experience. In case you are confused before buying a budget phone, do thorough market research.

Some of the best mobile in India are available below the 10K bracket. You need to be conscious about the brands that offer the best features under that budget. India is one of the largest mobile markets of the world. Thanks to billion-plus phone users, India is the trendsetter in the global telecom industry.

The price quotient is a major driving force behind Indian consumers. We have a soft corner for budget phones, especially if it comes with some attractive features. The mobile manufacturing giants have selectively launched several low-budget handsets with the right configuration to woo the customers. You would be spoilt with choice while looking for the best phones under 10000.

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