Industrial Gas Detectors – Chemical substances and components constitute a major part of a whole lot of industries across the globe. These chemicals or their substances or components as used in the production process in one way or the other. Apart from the result of finished products, the chemical cause reactions due to which various types of gases are produced.

Some of the gases produced in a byproduct in the production process are toxic, flammable, combustible, and explosive. In other words, the presence of such gases in the setting is nothing less than inviting a hazard. However, the technology has made enough progress to invent gas detectors that help monitor and control the level of hazardous gases and ensure safety in the industries.

Dig deeper into this article to explore a brief guide about types of industrial gas detectors and use the ones that suit your needs.

Top 7 Types of Industrial Gas Detectors Authorities Should Know

The industries often have a high level of strongly toxic and combustible gases that can cause huge damage to their extensive setup as compared to smaller setups. Therefore, to watch the hazards and control them before any major loss is caused, industrial gas detectors are necessary, which are specifically designed for the purpose. Getting to know them in detail will help you explore if they suit your needs or not.

Here are some of the major types of industrial gas detectors authorities should know about and utilize according to their need and requirement.

1. Catalytic Bead Detectors

The catalytic bead detectors are the ones that use the catalytic combustion principle. This type of industrial gas detector utilizes lower explosive level concentrations to measure combustible gases. They mainly work by checking the difference of temperature between two beads and provide readings for dangers. A lot of industries consult gas detectors Dubai based companies and ensure to install industrial as detector according to their requirement.

2. Non-Dispersive Infrared Detectors

The second type of industrial gas detector that the authorities must know about is the non-dispersive infrared detector. The non-dispersive infrared detectors compare and measure two different wavelengths to check the leakage. This type of detector can detect hydrocarbon gases even in low oxygen settings. It can also detect hydride gas, silicones, and halogenated hydrocarbons.

3. Open Path Infrared Detectors

The next type of industrial gas detector that the authorities should know about is the open path infrared detector. The detection path distance of such detector ranges up to a hundred meters. They can detect small and large gas leaks equally well. They are best suited to detect gases like silicones, hydrocarbon gases, hydride gases, and halogenated hydrocarbons.

4. Enhanced Laser Diode Spectroscopy Detectors

As the name suggests, the enhanced laser diode spectroscopy detectors work as laser optical technology that can recognize and analyze the fingerprint of the gas. It is one of the most effective types of industrial gas detectors. As this technology analyzes the fingerprint of gas, there are fewer chances of false alarms. This type of detector is specifically well suited for open areas.

5. Electrochemical Detectors

Electrochemical gas detectors are another common type of industrial gas detector. This type of detector specifically works by converting the concentrations into electric current. The electric current is measured by the circuit, and the signal is processed to generate the report. This type of detector can easily detect gases like carbon monoxide, Hydrogen Sulphide, as well as oxygen.

6. Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detectors

The ultrasonic gas leak detector is one of the most common types of industrial gas detectors. This type of gas detector uses acoustic sensors to keep a check on the sound of gas leakage at the ultrasonic frequency, which is not audible to the human ear. This type of industrial gas detector works efficiently in indoor as well as outdoor settings and ensures the safety of the worker against gas hazards.

7. Micro-electromechanical Detectors

Lastly, micro electromechanical detectors are another crucial type of industrial gas detector. This type of gas detector uses a micro electromechanical transducer to detect hazardous gases. It is can easily detect combustible and flammable gases like hydrogen, methane, and or light as well as heavy gases. You can consult gas detector Dubai based suppliers if you need micros electromechanical or other types of industrial gas detectors and ensure to keep your workplace safe against gas hazards.

Not sure which detector is suitable for your industry?

Even if you are not so sure of which industrial gas detector is suitable for your industry, you do not need to panic. You can always get in touch with experts and professional suppliers to provide you the assistance. You can ensure to identify your needs with their help and guidance and install suitable gas detectors in your industries that offer undeniable support and safety to you and your workers.