Storage is a fundamental aspect of any warehouse. Most companies acquire the best storage systems, and boltless shelves are pretty popular. They have revolutionalized the shelving industry and are versatile units that allow efficient storage for different types of items. Just like other storage units, there are various things to keep in mind when buying boltless units.

Here’s what to know about rivet or boltless shelves:

1. Versatility-with no bolts

There are two types of boltless shelves. These are the single and double rivet units. These shelves use no bolts or nuts, but this doesn’t make them less sturdy. Where are they used? You’ll find this steel racking system in Malaysia in warehouses, garages, hospitals, industrial sectors, and many other places. 

Boltless shelves are favourite among many, thanks to their versatility. You can use them to store all kinds of items-big or small. Still, they are highly customizable, and you can have them designed to meet your specifications.

2. Easy assembly

As mentioned earlier, you don’t need bolts or nuts to fasten the shelves. The frame comes with perforated slots and connecting rails. This allows you to slot your decks to the desired height. You then fit the rivets on the slots. For single rivet shelves, you use one rivet and two for a double rivet shelve. What’s more? These units feature a fantastic design allowing for easy customization.

3. Weight capacity

Boltless shelves can hold loads of weight. Double rivets shelves are better when it comes to storing bulky items. Although single rivets can also carry heavy goods, double-riveted units can withstand more pounds. Also, it’s wise to acquire steel boltless units. They are ideal for commercial and industrial settings for they can accommodate various weights and items.

4. Units should come with the right custom accessories.

All warehouses store different types of goods and in varied sizes. These may include small boxes, parts, books, and more. However, the unit should fit the needs and style of your warehouse. Still, the Boltless Rack Shelving unit should come with the right accessories for ease of customization. 

Are steel boltless shelves the best storage solutions?

Steel shelving comes with many benefits and is renowned for its strength and durability. If the units are boltless, this makes them even better. You can use steel boltless shelves for all your storage needs. Also, the easy customization allows you to adjust the shelve sizes and height to fit all manner of goods. Undoubtedly, these are great choices cost-effective choices to suit all storage needs.

Final thoughts

Boltless shelves come with numerous benefits. However, it’s best to acquire them from renowned companies and have them installed by a professional. This way, you ensure safe and sturdy storage for years. Besides, these are durable and cost-effective storage solutions for all.