When it comes to your house and everyday living, you undoubtedly understand how essential a bathroom makeover may be. Whether you’re intending to sell your house or just want to give your bathroom a much-needed facelift, contemporary materials will add value to the area.

After the kitchen, a bathroom remodel is the home improvement project that has the most effect and potential return on investment for homeowners. As an added bonus, a stunning, contemporary shower may completely alter your bathroom without breaking the budget! Luxstone is a stone composite material developed by Kohler that is intended to be both long-lasting and reasonably priced. Its distinctively customizable approach makes it simple to discover the right fit for any house!

Luxstone Showers provide several advantages

Bathrooms have always been a toss-up between tile and acrylic as far as design is concerned. Acrylic shower walls were the sole option if you desired a low-cost, long-lasting material that was also simple to maintain. The Kohler Luxstone shower will take your bathroom to the next level. The following are some of the advantages:

  • Customization to every degree.
  • Long-lasting material.
  • A grout-free design that is simple to keep clean.
  • Mold and water damage are prevented by one-of-a-kind seal.
  • Colors and patterns in a range of styles
  • There is a large selection of fixtures.
  • Shower accessories that are one-of-a-kind to make your shower more convenient.
  • Countless Design Possibilities

The natural patterns and textures of LuxStone make it a great fit for many historic houses due to its natural patterns and textures. Choose from traditional clean designs such as White Brick or the natural beautiful marbled appearance of Crosscut Dunne, or a combination of both.

If you want to complete your shower with one great style, you may do so, or you can combine solids and patterns to create the ideal mixture of designs. Accent panels can be added to a room to improve both the function and appearance.

With regards to bathroom planning, there are a ton of inquiries that come in the brain. Innovation has advanced bathroom adornments for better execution, high energy proficiency, and more economical nature. The proper bathroom fittings can undoubtedly add appeal to the bathroom climate.

Accessorize Your Shower with a Variety of Items

Following the selection of the ideal pattern, you can further personalize your shower with high-quality faucets and fittings. With a selection of five showerhead choices, you can create a look that is both modern and classic in style. There are also portable alternatives available. All of the fittings are available in a variety of hues ranging from polished chrome to oil-rubbed bronze in appearance.

Installing recessed shelves that are customized to your requirements will complete your one-of-a-kind shower. The Shower Locker, which has four movable shelves, is designed to complement the LuxStone shower walls.

While the idea of allowing your house to be subjected to a long bathroom makeover may make you shudder, a shower installation can be completed in a matter of days or even hours. A newly licensed installer can provide you with a free estimate as well as assistance in designing your custom shower enclosure.

Bathroom Mats and Rugs are perhaps the most utilized additions in a bathroom. These are made with natural cotton or synthetic materials.

You can not anticipate a bathroom without a mirror. Regardless of whether a bathroom is large or little, it needs a mirror. You can pick the ideal mirror according to your inclinations and necessities. This bathroom stockpiling hack comes from Glamour, so the pails being referred to are in reality some beautiful.

What Is the Difference Between LuxStone and Tile and Acrylic?

You should consider the comparison between LuxStone and traditional shower wall covering materials below before deciding if this innovative material is the best option for your house. Here are some characteristics and advantages of both acrylic and tile shower walls for you to consider when making your decision.

Bathroom walls made of Acrylic:

  • Acrylic bathroom walls have a smooth surface that is simple to keep clean.
  • Mold, mildew, and bacteria are not a problem with this product.
  • Tile is more expensive than stone.
  • Scratching and chipping are not a problem.

Bathroom Walls Made of Tile:

  • Design and color choices that are adaptable
  • Ceramic, stone, and glass are just a few of the readily available materials.
  • There are a variety of tile sizes available, making it simple to tailor the pattern to the available wall space.

If something is broken, there are simpler ways to fix it. To avoid replacing the whole wall surface, it is feasible to replace individual tiles that are damaged or cracked.