The lighting game in your house can really impact how your house looks and the way the guests see it. No amount of investment in decoration and home decor can do justice to the look of the house if there is bad lighting. So it is important and responsible for enhancing the look of the house. 

So, proper lighting is necessary. It should be combined with other home elements to get the perfect output. It is an essential part of the house as it not only ensures that all the work is done properly but also helps beautify the house. Apart from that, it has an important role to play while assisting in daily chores like cleaning, washing, reading, indoor games, and cooking, amongst others. 

So, all rooms in the house should have the lighting they deserve. Here are some lighting suggestions based on different rooms in the house. 

  • Entry Of The Home

Your home should have a nice entry possible with nice decor and a pretty door that compliments the house’s overall look. 

But does this mean that you need not have any lighting at the house’s entrance?

Absolutely not! 

The entryway to the home is incomplete until you invest in soft track lights. The reason for using mild reasons is that dim lights can snatch off the house’s overall look. Also, if you are planning to use excessive lighting right at the entrance, it can cause a strong effect on the eye leading to irritation and blackouts. Also, it can spoil the ambiance. Instead of sticking to a single light, you can explore different lighting patterns based on the entry of your house. It is better to go through the home entry lighting guide for the same. 

  • Living Room 

The living room of the house is the place that has the maximum number of visitors. So, appropriate lighting is a must in such a room. You can consider having overhead lights and make sure that you are not missing out on having lights over the precious decorative pieces, furniture, statement pieces, and artwork that adds to the look of the living room. Ambient lighting is another option, and you can switch to its magic whenever there is a get-together or a party at your home. These lights can suffice if you want to spend your time in the living room or want to grab a corner to read your favorite book. In such cases, using the best LED corner light can be an amazing experience. 

  • Washroom 

The next up room of the house which should get a nice light is the washroom. Apart from bathing, there are different purposes that a washroom solves, like getting ready, planning everyday clothes, and setting the wardrobe-essentials. So, go for accent and overhead lights. Accent lights help perform specific tasks, like if you want to prepare your skin for makeup or any other activity. Overhead lights, as the name suggests, help in the overall illumination of the washroom. However, they can result in shadows and ensure that you are going for a horizontal fit. If you are placing lights in the form of a furniture fitting, don’t forget to seek the assistance of Maxave furniture hinges China

  • Bedroom

A bedroom means comfort for one and all. So, the lighting should be something that complements the same. Instead of going for a single light in the bedroom, you can go for a combined group of accent, task, and ambient lighting. Then, you can ensure the right placement of the light so that it goes well with different moods. Lamps are a must in rooms as they solve different purposes and add to the look of the room with other decorative pieces like the sofa, cupboards, artwork, OEM velvet chair, and other pieces to enhance the look of the bedroom. 

  • Kitchen 

Moving on to another important segment of the house, lighting is a must in the kitchen, too. Imagine putting up the wrong spices and salts because you could not identify the right one due to a lack of lighting. Looks like a funny situation, but it can be a blunder if it happens when you are cooking for your guests. You can pick a combination of tasks and ambient lights in the kitchen. Putting a light of the same kind will not solve the purpose as a combination of lights will solve different purposes in the kitchen. Also, it is better not to miss out on lights in small areas in the kitchen, like the cabinets and countertops. 


Thanks to the advancements in lighting options, you can choose it as the personal stylist for your home. This guide will help you choose the right light for different parts of the home so that your house lights up like no other.