The change in technology is consistent in the past few years. With different systems, the security experts also offer different options to enhance the security of the app or website. Different users use such options of website or application for different purposes and hence it is necessary for the businesses or service providers to be sure about the legitimacy of their app or website. To enhance the security of the same there are different options used by them. The developers of website and applications are asked to have better security features of the same so that any user with malicious use can be avoided or prevented to penetrate the system and take undue advantage of data present there.

For such users, the data is the main attraction as they want to use it in different ways that can help them benefit from it. For an app or website owner, it becomes important to decide the genuine user and such fraudster. This can be done with better support from technology in the form of code obfuscation where the given information is blurred and one cannot get it in clear form unless certain required information is not provided to the site or application.

Code obfuscationis used in the programming language. The code obfuscation is difficult to understand but it helps to protect people from hackers. Not everyone can understand code obfuscation. The intellectual property and the trade secret are protected by the code obfuscationCode obfuscation is a tool that converts straightforward source code into a program. The program is more difficult to read and understand than the source code. Code obfuscationis used for security purposes, The programming language which it converts the source code into is very difficult for the person to read and understand. So the hackers can’t attack any of the data.

Different types of obfuscation techniques:

Code obfuscationinvolves multiple methods, and multiple methods are used to create a layered effect. The compiled programs in c and java are easy to understand because it is an intermediate-level instruction and it makes the code easily understandable.

Some of the obfuscation techniques are:

Renaming: It alerts the methods and variables in obfuscation.

Packing:  It makes the program into the code which is not easy to read.

Control flow: the control flow which is not easy to understand and is unstructured. It is hard to maintain the code.

Instruction pattern transformation: It takes the common instruction and makes it compile and swap it into a complex program without common instruction.

Advantages and disadvantages of code obfuscation


  • Code obfuscation keeps the data safe in the form of code.
  • Some of the obfuscation techniques will shrink the program and makes it easy to run.
  • The code obfuscationmethod always helps to protect in a way that the outsiders cannot understand the program.


  • The Code obfuscationmakes the code into a more difficult program that can be confusing and can’t be changed easily.
  • The Code obfuscationis also used in the malware.