The modern translation industry is intense, demanding and full of pressure. Suppose you are looking for English to Thai translators. In that case, we recommend implementing the following mindfulness tips to nurture a healthy balance between life and work, reduce your stress and increase your job satisfaction.

  • Start your day right.
    When you sit down to start the hiring process, we recommend outlining your most important tasks for the day. Take a minute to identify your tasks and projects before doing anything else, because you’ll get more out of your work and your hiring process. Make sure that your first task or project is small enough that you can face it first thing in the morning, finish it quickly and start the day with momentum.
  • Create helpful habits.
    When you start work or your hiring process, we recommend always following the same routine. Following the same way helps you overcome resistance and keeps your mind calm and ready for focused work.
  • Manage your energy.
    We also recommend boosting your creativity and productivity during the hiring process with a mood and energy enhancing trick: work in cycles of relaxation and focus. That means that you should not try to grind through several hours of work with no break. Instead, manage your energy by doing focused work for an hour or so, then taking a quick break.
  • Strengthen your focus.
    We also recommend strengthening your stress with the practice of meditation. Meditation helps increase concentration and improve your ability to focus without getting easily distracted. This means sitting quietly for about 10 minutes per day and paying attention to your breathing.
  • Protect your attention.
    We also recommend protecting your focus and concentration by putting your phone out of sight and turning off notifications. You can also use an app to block distracting websites during focused work periods. Shut down your email while you’re working on other tasks.
  • Defend your boundaries.
    Another excellent way to make sure that you are ready to work and focus during the day is by defending your boundaries. This means deciding in advance when exactly you will be working and sticking to those hours. Do not check your work emails or do any work during your downtime. Instead, take advantage of your rest to unplug from technology and renew and refresh yourself.
  • Use a shutdown routine.
    One great way to defend your boundaries is to use a shutdown routine at the end of the day. This means taking a few minutes at the end of your workday to ask yourself what you learned and what went well today. Use the progress principle to build momentum and take a moment to celebrate your wins, no matter how small they are. You can also use this time to identify your most important tasks and projects for tomorrow. Then make sure to turn off your computer and leave your work behind for the remainder of the day.
  • Connect with people.
    Make sure to take time to connect with people to help improve your mood and have more meaningful social interactions. We recommend organizing a social activity with your team members to take your social interactions beyond the daily office chat.
  • Be kind.
    Take the time to perform small acts of kindness for friends, colleagues and strangers. Being kind will help both you and someone else feel happier. Even if it is just a little act of kindness, it will have a substantial magical effect on your happiness.
  • Express gratitude.
    Another great way to boost your happiness, self-esteem and mental health is expressing gratitude. Either make a simple gratitude list or ask and answer the question of what you are grateful for every day. Expressing gratitude only takes a few minutes each day, but it boosts your happiness tenfold.
  • Develop mastery.
    We also recommend developing knowledge of your work. The best way to increase your passion for your work is to master it, according to Cal Newport. To boost your job satisfaction and do a better job of hiring translators, you need to deepen your expertise and sharpen your skills. This means working just beyond your comfort zone to improve your skills quickly.

Use your signature strengths. Accelerate your personal growth by using your signature strengths while doing the work you love. Do you not already know what your signature strengths are? There are many personality tests online that will help you discover your signature strengths. These include virtues and strengths like wisdom, courage, humanity, justice, temperance and transcendence. Once you know what your signature strengths are, you should take the time to use them every day, especially during your hiring process. You will increase your productivity and feel happier at work.