The good news is your company has seen tremendous recent growth. The bad news? You’ve now completely outgrown your office space and it’s time to pack up and head to a more accommodating space.

Moving definitely has its perks, but the long-drawn-out process of decluttering, packing, moving, and unpacking can take its toll. Increasing stress is one thing, but what about a blow to business?

Over 52 percent of businesses said their move caused a disruption in productivity. There’s no need to cause major disruptions in your business when it’s time to upgrade spaces.

By using a full service mover, you can avoid stress and disruption and stay focused on keeping your business plans on track.

What is a Full Service Mover?

If you’ve never used residential or commercial moving services before, you might be wondering what exactly is a full service mover? They are exactly what they sound like: movers that do it ALL.

When the movers show up on moving day, they will provide packing supplies, pack boxes, wrap and protect furniture, load, unload, disassemble…and anything else you might need within the moving process.

Moving is exhausting, but by using a full-service mover it doesn’t have to be for you.

Benefits of a Full Service Move

When starting the process of a big commercial move, you may be wondering if using commercial movers is right for your business. Think for a moment how it will impact your employees if they’re the ones having to pack and carry all those boxes.

There’s no need to put that kind of strain on yourself or your employees.

By hiring a moving service you don’t have to worry about renting hand trucks or if you bought enough boxes and bubble wrap. You can stop fretting over having to drive the giant moving truck and who’s going to lift all those desks into the back of it.

The moving professionals handle it for you from beginning to end so you can focus on helping your employees settle into the new space.

How Much Does It Cost?

Probably the most deciding factor when considering full service movers: how much does it cost?

The honest answer: there’s no real way to get an accurate estimate without understanding the details of your move. Whether residential or commercial, no two moves are the same.

But we can look at what will impact the price of your full service move.

One of the major factors on moving costs is distance. Typically, moving services are going to charge a per-mile rate. The further the move, the higher the price.

Price will also be based on how many items need packing and what type of items need to be moved. A larger item, especially one that is fragile or needs to be disassembled, will usually cost more.

Sometimes the layout of your old and new locations can even impact your price. If there are only stairs available and your new office space is on the 5th floor, it’s much more work for the movers than walking straight out of the door on the ground floor.

For the most accurate estimate, it’s best to speak directly with a full service mover or use a full service move calculator.

Move Your Stuff (Not the Stress)

Chances are you’ve moved once or twice in your life. From beginning to end, it is a stressful process that can take weeks or months to fully complete.

When it comes to your business, using a full service mover just makes sense. This is one of those times you should leave it to the professionals, save your time and energy, and focus on running your business. Your employees will certainly thank you.

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