Your teeth are not just an essential part of your look but overall health too. Imagine doing everything right, from your skincare regime to daily workouts and hair care to a nutritious diet, but still not feeling confident about how you look! That must be a very frustrating experience. And only because your teeth fail you. On the other hand, imagine the difficulty you could face while eating, smiling, or drinking because of the poor state of your teeth. If you don’t wish your teeth to fail you, you mustn’t fail your teeth first! With the proper oral care practices, you can go a long way in ensuring that you feel healthy both internally and externally.

Listed below are four dental care essentials to leave you smiling from dawn to dusk and lower maintenance costs in the long run:

Teeth Whitening Kit: If you want to save your wallet and the distress of dentist appointments, it is best to look for a suitable teeth whitening kit you can use at home. These kits contain whitening strips coated with hydrogen peroxide and effectively work to remove stains and enhance the overall colour of your precious teeth. It is best to check the contents of the whitening kit and gauge if they are best suited to cater to your dental needs.

Refill Gel: A splendid alternative to whitening trays, refill gels go one step deeper than whitening strips and interact with your enamel to treat stains and spots. The carbamide peroxide mixture present in gels is known to be relatively more effective than strips. While whitening strips are great for surface-level dental issues, teeth refill gels are your absolute saviours for a more in-depth solution. It is best to get your gel approved by your dentist before use to avoid any problems later.

Deep Cleanser for Oil Pulling: The ancient Indian technique of ‘gandusha’ or oil pulling has become synonymous with deep cleansing. Opting for a good oil cleanser can considerably help to reduce plaque formation. With minimal side effects and the absence of any chemicals, oil cleansers are widely considered to be safe and effective oral care maintenance products that most dentists approve of. The oil pulling technique also helps to fight germs and foul odours and ensures your teeth remain in good health for a prolonged period.

Teeth Accelerator: As the name suggests, teeth accelerators help accelerate the teeth straightening process when coupled with existing braces. Accelerators work on a technique called micro pulsing. They gently help to vibrate and remodel the teeth in a suitably even manner. Accelerators, when paired with braces, are known to reduce the teeth straightening time by half. And this is true for the cost as well.

Looking after your teeth is not merely an add-on activity but a necessity by itself. If timely care and treatment are not rendered, you can be sure of bearing higher costs and much more pain when the situation gets out of hand. By investing in the dental care essentials mentioned above, you save yourself from additional costs and hassles. However, it is also vital to seek the advice of your dentist before opting for over-the-counter dental products. And do certainly rely on research and user experiences both online and around.