Do you have the desire to pursue a profession that is related to your passion for writing? There are many career options to choose from after you complete your degree in creative writing or journalism. The following list mentions a few of the career options:

News Anchor

It is an exciting option if you like presenting news on television and want to make a difference by bringing the change around us. This career option also offers training sessions, seminars, and even workshops.

Novelist or Author

It is a highly admired profession nowadays. Some famous novelists are J K Rowling, Chetan Bhagat, etc., who have earned fame and money with their creative writing. This career option will demand continuous research to keep yourself updated with the latest happenings in the world, which you want to write about. Some even work with a reliable self-publishing company to stay relevant on the market.



This is a perfect option if you have a flair for writing news articles and stories on local, national, or international affairs. A journalist needs to be updated with the latest developments in the field of writing and must possess good communication skills. This career option offers a wide range of career possibilities, including sports, business, crime, and entertainment.

This is a highly competitive field; therefore, you need to set yourself apart by writing more and more original content. It is also important to understand that some newspapers can offer work experience or on-the-job training while others may not provide such training. 

For those who want to be a part of the online world, there are also many news websites and blogs where you can contribute as a guest author or blogger. You can even join social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to promote your work. You need to decide which career path you want to take as each job has its unique set of challenges.


This is an excellent way to start your career and may help you get the first break for further opportunities. You can use this platform to build your brand and learn on the go. You can get freelancing opportunities if your work gets appreciated by the readers. Nowadays, many people make a living through blogging. You can use social media to reach your target audience. If you have good writing skills, there are chances that online portals might offer you a job as a blogger.

Social Media Manager

This is one of the most popular career options these days, as many companies and brands are looking for a good social media manager. It is also a perfect option if you have an interest in digital marketing.

Investigator / Private Detective

There is a career option for those who want to solve mysteries, missing cases and find the truth behind all the happenings. The work of an investigator can be challenging at times due to various factors like lack of evidence or lack of time.

Publicist / Public Relations Officer

This is a good career option if you are interested in public relations, where you will be responsible for creating and maintaining good relations with the public.

Creative Writer

This is a popular option as many people prefer to write stories, poems, plays, and screenplays rather than just writing news articles. You can also write magazine features and marketing copies for businesses.


This is another popular option these days. You can become a teacher in any field that you are specialized in. Teaching will not only offer you stability but also help you to earn some decent money. You can help children learn and become better at their studies through effective teaching methods. Not only will you be able to impart knowledge, but your students will also value your friendship. It is no doubt that this career offers stability, fun, and a decent income.

Some of the most in-demand subjects for academics are English, Math, and Science. You can also become a teacher in arts or drama subject if you have an interest in it.

Flight Attendant / Air Hostess

If you want to work with an airline company and help passengers feel comfortable during flights, this is the perfect career option. You will need to be friendly and cooperative and possess a pleasing personality to excel in this field.

PR Manager / Publicity Officer

This is another good option where you can help with their publicity. You will have to reach out to mass media and do whatever it takes for your company to be appreciated by the audience.

Sports Analyst

This is another good option for those who are interested in sports. A sports analyst or commentator analyses each player’s performance on the field while is keenly followed by people. You can become a sports analyst and put your knowledge and skills to good use in this field.

So, these are some of the most popular career options that you can choose from. If you have an interest in any specific field, you should go for it without thinking twice. You can do a lot of research before making your final choice. Just make sure to choose something that will add value to your life and help you build your career.