If you are looking for a game where you can enhance your betting power.And also you do not want a big team or group to play that game, Poker game will prove to be the best game for you. Poker is a game that is played almost all over the world.

This game is a card type game in which a bet is placed.The winner in this game is the one who has the maximum number of cards and pairs left and some cards also remain hidden in the end. So in this article we will discuss this game. Let’s start.

After all, what is Poker?

In a card game “Poker”, a player bets that his or her hand is worth more than the hands of the others, and the next player either equals or raises the bet or drops out, with the winner being the one with the highest hand at the end of the betting.

Brief history of poker.

When, how and where was the poker game born and what is its history?  This is still a matter of controversy till today. Most sports scholars attribute the origins of the game to the French game “poque” and the Persian game “as-nas“.But this fact was also challenged by other scholars after some time. Most sports scholars agree that Poker games began to gain popularity in South America in the 19th century. After the 2nd World War this game became a staple game in almost all casinos, from where its popularity increased further.At the beginning of the 16th century, Germanus used to play a bluffing game called ” Poche” Later this game evolved to become “Poque” and was played on the riverboats of the NewOrleans and the Mississippi.By the 1830s, this game had completely changed and came to be known as Poker.

The types of poker games

The world of gambling and buffling is dominated by many different types of poker games.Each type has a different variant and different challenges. These 5 types of poker games in all variations from the big challenging poker games to the lamer little variants at the same time, it is the most popular among the people and is well worthy to be used for the general public.

  1. Texas Hold’em
  2. Omaha
  3. Seven-card stud
  4. Five-card draw
  5. High Low Chicago

And in all these ways Texas Hold’em is the most played and popular game in India as well as all over the world.If you are completely new to the world of this game, then this game is the most perfect and classic variant to start with.

What is the Best poker app?

People all over the world like to play different types of games as time passes.Millions of people like poker games to enjoy their free time.  By the way, these games are played on site, but now its apps have also been launched.Because of which people always prefer to play online, which saves their time and travelling expenses of the bailer. So here we will talk about some popular, trusted, and easy to use Best Poker apps for poker-playing.

Zynga Poker

A freemium app that promotes social poker gaming is Zynga Poker. The software has a basic user interface that makes it easy to learn how to use it, and it has a tonne of features that make it a great choice for poker fans.If you want to play socially and simply with friends or if you want a more challenging online poker game, Zynga Poker is a great option.

Poker Heat :

The Poker Heat app is fantastic if you enjoy playing poker. To stay in touch with your buddies who also want to play poker, use this app. You can build exclusive games with your pals or participate in open games to meet new people. You can communicate with other users of the app via chat so that you can interact socially while playing. Poker Heat is a fantastic app that you should download if you wish to stay in touch with your poker-playing friends.

 Poker Baazi

This is also a poker app that is most trusted and easy to use, which is being liked a lot by people these days.This app only offers 2 variants of poker : Texas Hold’em and Omaha.It is absolutely safe and secure for all types of players whether you are a beginner or a top poker player.This app is counted among those apps in which you can play games with fake cash provided by the app.

Conclusion – 

Gambling poker or baffling, all these games depend on luck.

If your luck is good then you win and if not then you lose.That is why it is very important to use caution and discretion in such games.If these games are played taking care of some things, So this game can become a great source of your time pass, which also increases your quick decision making power.Hope you liked this article, do not forget to write your opinion in the comment.