The debate often gets at the peak about employee surveillance. Some people consider it as employee privacy killer, but some see it as the productivity booster. 80% Of Organizations use the spy app for android and track the employee activities. Many staff members spend their time using mobile phones but not pay attention to the task. But when they are being monitored, they concentrate more on their work rather than wasting time on phone usage.

But some companies take monitoring rule as privacy killer. It affects the working staff and set strict boundaries around them. 

Work phone tracking can increase productivity if it goes with the right strategy. Here, we have come with the best employee surveillance tips.

1 – Track Only Work phones

As the law state, a company allows tracking only the electronic media what it gives to its staff. No law permits organizations to monitor personal phones or other devices. At the same time, the team has a right to approve for tracking.      

2 – Put Cameras Only at Public Place, But Not Common Rooms

The employer should not cross the limits. They are not permitted to put the cameras at common areas but can have a watchful eye at office halls. A company has no right on the violation of its staff privacy. 

3 – Don’t Lock Down Social Media

Social media help you to stay entertained while working. But using too much such sites can distract the employees from their task. Management must set the rule to avoid social media excessive usage but allowed to use for a while. It can also give them a chance to stay updated and find new things to be more productive at their work. 

4 – Set Rules & Train Them 

60% of Employees use the internet to search the irrelevant things during working hours. A company is allowed to set the rules to keep them consistent at work. Management should train the newcomers and practice them to be a good employee plus define the rules. It will keep them on the right track and let them focus on their work. 

Does Spy Apps Help to Increase Productivity?

Yes, Spy apps increases productivity and also improves the quality of work. It does also help to detect any suspicious activity. Management can also get the microphone surrounding and evaluate the behavior of the staff with each other. Bossy employers often disturb the office environment and defame the company. The company owner can use various android spy app features to collect the evidence and find out who is not the right fit. 

Benefits of Tracking Work Phones – Android Spy App

1 – Help to get the whereabouts 24/7.

2 – Give access to social media & let you find out if the employee shares company-related information online.

3 – Allows you to listen to phone call recordings and detect any spy working with your company.

4 – Monitor email to check if your employees face any phishing issue. 

5 – Restriction of irrelevant searches let the employees focus on their tasks.

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Which Android Spyware Is the Best Choice for Work Phone Monitoring?

TheWiSpy is the only name that comes in mind while talking about the reliable platform. We can’t avoid its advanced features as it gives complete access to the target device with remote commands. Employers can use TWS to fetch all the information from the work phones and check who waste time and who is a spy. What Features You Can Avail:

  • Spy on Camera
  • Text Messages 
  • Phone Call Recordings 
  • Email Monitoring 
  • Manage Installed Apps
  • Gallery Access
  • Social Media Access

And Many More!

Monitor Employees but Never Kill Their Privacy 

Android spy apps empower the employer to keep track of their staff members. But companies should also respect the privacy terms and get approval before starting tracking. TheWiSpy spy app for android helps the management to increase the productivity of the employees with its advanced features.