Accidents do not happen with a warning, so victims remain unprepared for further steps. You may have serious injuries and be confused about the steps for protecting the future. If you are unsure what to do after the accident, you should consult accident lawyers in Macomb County, MI.

Questions You Need to Ask Your Auto Accident Lawyer

Should I go with the case?

Auto accident cases come with compensation for injuries. If the chances of getting compensated remain very low, you may not pursue the case. When your lawyer is trustworthy, they will guide you properly so that determining which cases are to be taken and which ones are to be omitted is easy. After reviewing your case, your attorney will be a good person to guide you because they will weigh the case and act accordingly.

Have you gone through similar cases in the past?

Check whether your attorney has gone through similar cases in the past. Your lawyer may be skilled in other cases, but you should ensure whether they have experience handling auto accident cases or not. Jurisdictions generally allow revealing information about the lawyer and their past results. Though past performance may not guarantee future results, it will still be a benchmark for deciding on your lawyer.

Have you handled personal injury cases in my state?

Auto accidents and personal injury cases are a bit difficult. Ensure that Macomb County lawyers have previously handled personal injury cases in your state. This will ensure that they are aware of the state laws regarding personal injury cases. If the lawyer has a long history of handling injury cases within the state, the chance of favorable results will be there.

Will you take my case?

Check whether the attorney is taking your case or not. If they are taking your case, ensure that an experienced lawyer is working on it. Sometimes Junior lawyers or trainees are also engaged with cases. Talk to your attorney for honest answers about who will cover your case.

How much do you charge?

This is among the important questions that accident victims should ask their lawyers. It would be good to ask in advance, so the bill does not exceed your budget. Some of the lawyers charge substantial bills which may exceed your budget. But if they are taking contingent fees, where they get the money only if you win, it will be within your budget. Generally, they take a standard percentage of 33%, but they may vary from lawyer to lawyer and from state to state.

How much time will it take to resolve my case?

Different factors affect the duration of the case. An attorney will give you an estimated time frame for resolving the case. They will give the estimate by studying the duration of similar cases in the past.


The accident lawyers in Macomb County, MI, will help you resolve your case and get the right compensation. Ensure that the lawyers take the contingent fees, not the substantial ones.