Gone are the days when people slapped together a concoction of kitchen ingredients and expected to see magical results instantly. We’ve moved into an era of conscious consumers who like to be aware of what they’re getting into. Ingredients matter now more than ever, creating a demand for science-based skincare.

With an ever-expanding community of skincare junkies, the advertisements marketing all sorts of ingredients and products as elixirs of beauty don’t work their charm anymore. People know their ingredients well, and even better, they’ve started to know their brands as well. It’s no longer about cute packaging, big promises and fancy marketing, consumers see right through that B.S.

The skincare industry is booming with new brands on the scene every day. The best part? These brands have come up with new formulations and have adopted the idea of clean beauty, something that many big brands seem to have trouble doing. It isn’t just about a fad anymore, it’s actually quite important that we know what we’re using and investing our time, effort and money in.

If you’re one of the few who hasn’t yet jumped aboard this train to science-based, clean skincare, let’s get into why you should. Skincare isn’t a new concept, we’ve all seen our parents and grandparents do it, and that’s probably where you learned a lot about what you know of skin care. So you must remember a time when people held their pitchforks and stood against the use of chemicals in skincare? Natural was the thing back then and ‘chemicals’ were deemed bad. Only using kitchen ingredients was considered safe. We’ve come a long way to realise that the only reason some of those ingredients even worked was because of the presence of certain chemicals in them. Now we’ve moved on to a time when people are more accepting of ‘chemicals’ in skincare. It was a long journey but surely an evolving one. The skincare community is on a similar journey again. A journey to science based skincare which does not stand on claims and promises but facts. Having seemingly well formulated products attached to big brand names is no longer acceptable. With the changing times, all the dirt on many big brands is coming out, making way for the newer brands to shine through.

This is where brands like Deconstruct come in, the deconstruct skincare range offers innovative formulations that are free of many nasty things we definitely no longer tolerate in our skincare. It’s no longer this or that, people want options that combine two ingredients, because why just use one? There’s also a constant need for advancement in the ingredient list, because Vitamin C and Alpha Arbutin are good but we want something more, enter Kojic Acid and Azelaic Acid. Deconstruct skincare range brings in one-of-a-kind formulations and are making headway for the same. Be it the Beginner’s exfoliating serum with 5% Lactic Acid + 1.5% probiotic or the Brightening Moisturiser with 5% Niacinamide + 1% Niacinamide, the deconstruct skincare range consists of many distinctive ingredient combinations and concentrations. There’s an upsurge in no-nonsense skincare brands that offer products like Deconstruct’s skincare range, consisting of potent, science-backed ingredients which are known to work.

As a consumer, it’s our duty to question the products we’re investing in, which is the only way to ensure that we’re going for the right brands. A while ago hydroquinone gained all the hype for being this miraculous skin lightening ingredient, while it’s true that it does lighten the skin, did you know that it also comes with nasty side effects? Many people fell for the hype then, but most now know that it harms the cells and is bad for the skin. That’s where the safer alternatives which work as tyrosinase inhibitors such as Alpha Arbutin, Kojic Acid entered, all thanks to science based skincare.

With the consumer now more aware than ever, science based skincare is the future of beauty. Transparency in the ingredients list, which wasn’t a thing a while ago, has become a requirement now. The swarm of skincare lovers who know their ethics and ingredients well, ‘skintellectuals’ as they’re called, are heading for the big brands, calling them out for a variety of reasons. Outdated ingredient lists, secrecy about the formulation, unethical testing, use of potentially harmful ingredients such as fragrance is no longer tolerated.

The Skincare industry is revolutionizing due to the intellectuals, and an increasing number of skincare brands are joining this revolution to avoid the wrath of the skincare community. Brands like Deconstruct have gotten with the program and created safe, science-backed skincare. Others who didn’t get the memo are impending doom as the skincare industry is slowly, but surely marching its way to sustainability and science.