The Community college will become free for all Americans. It may relieve some of the financial burdens of low-income and working-class college students – President Biden

A promising relief for the students!

  • Who should pay for university education?
  • What about the students who don’t go to universities?

Funding higher education is a matter of discussion for all as it invites divided views, decisions, and approaches. Considering the growing student numbers, maintaining the cost for a high-quality education needs a greater portion of government spending.

Many Americans struggle to cover their tuition costs while paying rent, food, and other basic needs. Juan Salgado, chancellor of the 70,000-student City Colleges of Chicago system, shares that Mr. Biden’s plan will bring education into the 21st century.

Funded through increased taxes on the wealthy, Biden’s plan includes about USD 300 billion in expenditure for higher education – especially for community college students and historically Black colleges and universities.

Yet, the debate continues. No period.

Resources should be made available to those who are taking vocational courses too, apart from the graduates. Many do not attend universities and feel that they are locked out of opportunities.

Arguments aside. Let’s understand what’s Biden’s proposal and its likelihood to become legislation. The American Families Plan intends to help families cover their basic expenses. American workers are in need of additional support to increase their earnings, remain competitive, and build their skills. As a result, Biden’s plan tends to expand access to post-secondary education in a more affordable way. It lays the groundwork for innovation and inclusive economic growth for Americans.

The Biden administration has laid out several proposals for higher education as an effort to making college education affordable and close equity gaps. A few of the highlights include:

Tuition-free community college

  • This has become one of his major parts of his presidential platform. About 5.5 million students will benefit provided the states, territories, and tribes participate, a recent press release from the White House reports.

Tuition subsidies for students in minority-serving institutions

  • The USD 39 billion programs intend to subsidize tuition fees for Tribal colleges and universities
  • Minority-serving institutions
  • Historically Black colleges and universities

The subsidies go to students whose families make less than USD 125,000 annually. There will be a USD 5 billion increase in financial grants to the above-mentioned universities so as to strengthen educational programs in competitive fields.

Increased Pell Grant values

The American Families Plan proposes to increase the Pell Grant award. About USD 1,400 has been planned to put forward to assist low-income students. The press release states that one in three community college students will receive Pell Grants to pay for their education.

Double scholarships for future teachers

Biden’s proposal includes providing scholarships for future educating leaders, i.e., about USD 4000 to USD 8000 per year. It also includes:

  • USD 400 million for teacher preparation at minority-serving institutions
  • USD 900 million for the development of special education teachers.

Coming back to the debate, let’s talk about higher education in general. The shift from grants to loans in several countries has made younger generations paying more. It is a harder situation for those who have their education discontinued given the coronavirus pandemic. The resources should be made available for not only graduates, but for those who take vocational paths, executive educational programs, and etc., even if they are unable to take the offer immediately after leaving school. Those who do not opt for academic life should not be ignored.

Funding should be made available for wider courses. For instance, Germany’s vocational education system is very much successful and stands out distinctly. Making educational grants available for everyone should be the rule. What are your thoughts on it? Share with us in the comments