A mugshot is a photograph that focuses on the subject’s eyes and captures his or her facial expression or gaze. Mugshots are commonly connected with an arrested person’s booking photo taken at a police station after they have been processed. Individuals may be photographed and booked for a variety of purposes (e.g., their snapshots appear in newspapers because of social activism).

A mugshot is a photograph used by law enforcement to identify suspects and to keep track of criminal arrests and convictions. According to Wikipedia, mugshots are normally not taken when the person is already in custody and most likely shackled by handcuffs.

There are a variety of reasons why someone might desire to have their mugshot removed from Google:

  • If one has a criminal record or even if one does not, removing mugshots from Google is a wonderful way to protect their privacy. This can impact one’s job resume too, as no one wants to hire a person who has a criminal record in his name.  There is no reason why one should not erase inaccurate information about one because it will only lead to future troubles.
  • Increase family security- Sometimes it’s tough for people with families to obtain work since a potential employer would look up their name online to see what comes up, which is legal. However, if a member of the family has a criminal record, it can affect people’s perceptions of the entire family. It isn’t fair, and it doesn’t consider people as individuals; no one should judge a book by its cover, but some employers, regrettably, do. This type of material should be kept private since one never knows what can happen in the future and having negative information about you or your children on the internet is dangerous.
  • Positive influence on reputation- If one has ever had something negative written about you on the internet and felt like it would never go away, you know how it feels to have your reputation harmed. There is no reason why this information should still be visible when it has nothing to do with who one is today. One will not be judged for their mistakes in life if they occurred a long time ago and one has been living a respectable life.
  • Some people may take one’s photo without permission and alter it to make it appear as though you were the one who stole the property, committed a crime, or violated the rights. They will then post this image together with personal information about one (e.g., name, address, date of birth, etc.) on other websites in the hopes that someone would notice and report them to authorities. This is referred to as cyber-stalking. The use of the Internet, email or other electronic communications devices to stalk another person is known as cyber-stalking. In general, there are two kinds of cyber-stalking: Cyber-harassment is defined as the repeated electronic communication to cause harm all.

These are some of the main advantages to remove mugshots from Google