The team leader is considered as an important part of the organization as they inspire their team to dream more and finally achieve it. Many people began their career with a small-scale startup, but business could not sustain for a long period due to several reasons. Leadership skills are the most crucial part of a leader’s personality, which needs to be considered while dealing with tough conditions. To achieve greatness and positive transformation, the role of a leader cannot be repudiated. Many companies cannot meet the needs of the market due to a lack of proper management, finances, and strategy. But, good leaders manage to move their team with pure dedication for the organization’s goals, just like Maged Elhami, who owns and operates multiple businesses in Canada.

The role of leaders comes with a pack of responsibilities. Leaders function as role models while directing their teams. They have to make every possible approach to fulfill those responsibilities which can improve the performance of team members. Below we have listed those responsibilities which are needed to be fulfilled by the leader to achieve great success.

  1. Supervision

Leaders may need to send the report to senior management to give a proper update related to work. The leaders have to oversee the daily activities of their subordinates to find if they are making any mistakes or facing difficulty. They have to schedule, assign and project plans to assist their subordinates. Also, leaders have to resolve the conflicts and disputes between the employees, which might cause unwanted situations for the other colleagues.

  1. Encouragement

There are several conditions in which teammates may lose their hope and willpower to move further with the planned strategy. Leaders like Shady Elhami Montreal motivate and inspire their teammates to boost their morale. Leaders should ask their employees about their needs and expectations to support them. Even small achievements or incremental wins should be recognized and appreciated by the leader.

  1. Discipline

Leaders have to introduce and implement fair and documented rules for the employees to encourage disciplinary actions within the workplace. The implementation of rules and regulations is not enough until the leaders are enforcing them effectively. Leaders should let the employees know about the consequences of unprofessionalism in the workplace so that they can remain free from distractions. 

  1. Guidance

After discussing the strategies and plans, leaders are needed to guide their team throughout the situation. The subordinates learn several things from the experience of the leaders. Leaders like Larry Page set the expectation and intervene with the team when required. The context of the task should be provided concisely. Leaders have to be specific while delegating responsibilities to them and reinforce their confidence as well along with.


We cannot ignore the traits, qualities, perspectives, and functions of leaders while describing their personalities. The leaders socially influence the teammates to achieve the heights of greatness and bring successful outcomes. They advocate complex situations for the teammate so that they cannot get distracted from the right track. It is the qualities of a leader which make them a better individual.