Earlier in 2019, the Astro gaming A50 wireless headset was not up to the mark. Then the manufacturers updated the product and corrected the flaws. The docking station has been upgraded; audio quality has been boosted. Moreover, the headset design of Astro Gaming has been also brushed up. Among all the products in the domain, many users have found Astro A50 to be convenient and unbeatable. This headset is for you if you are amongst those who play a lot of games across multiple platforms. This premium gaming headset offers whistles and bells but there are some points where the product should be improved like a mic and build quality.

Key attractions of the Astro Gaming A50 Wireless Headset

  • Great sound quality
  • High battery life
  • Easy and comfortable to wear for a long time
  • Lightweight
  • Superior experience

Key Areas Where Improvements are Required

  • Build quality can be improvised
  • Mic quality should be refined
  • Functioning of sleep mode function needs improvement
  • Price should be reduced when these features are offered
  • Fuzzy fabric

What do You need to Know Before Buying Astro Gaming A50 Headset?

The main reason why Astro Gaming A50 has been liked by gamers is its comfortability. The headset is tailored with the purpose of fulfilling gaming needs. Recently, the manufacturing company has updated the product but one thing that is still the area of concentration is the use of a base station for easy charging as well as switching between Play Station 4 and Personal Computer.

The updates done in the recent headset editions are not up to the mark as per us. It doesn’t live the hype. Though the gaming headset seems to be starred with salient features like adjustable design, and solid battery life when we tried it, the results are contrary.

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Gaming with Astro Gaming A50

You can play games like Risk of Rain 2, Overwatch, and Doom Eternal on your personal computer and enjoy a great experience. We recommend you to never overshadow different pops, booms, and snaps. You get a great sound experience. The directional effect is little when you use it on both Play Station 4 and Personal Computer. You get a pretty wide soundstage.

What Astro Gaming A50 Gaming Is Made of?

Plastic is used to make this premium gaming headset. Some experts even say that a hollow plastic band is tried with a big headphone and an attached flexible mic. But one thing that is great for gamers with glasses is the presence of velour pads. It is made with leatherette which provides better isolation. Also, in order to establish an enhanced grip and flexibility, you need to get a little softer material.

Astro Gaming A50 Durability Is a Question

In the first use, the durability and quality of the headset seem to be built well. But when the usage is continued, durability became a suspect. Astro Gaming A50 is compatible with Astro’s Mod Kit Accessories. Ear pads and band cushions are replaced with leatherette making them easy to be removed. Also, the magnets used in ear pads make them easier to take off. On the other hand, the headband cushion just pops out when the Astro Gaming headset is taken off. Sometimes, I need to place a rubber band over it to hold the headband cushion for long. This is one of the most annoying factors about Astro Gaming A50. Changing it again and again with a wireless mode is complicated.  Hence, it made me believe that the headset is not worth the price. It comes with a pretty high price of $300. Many other better options can be availed at this price. If the company implements the recommendations, then the headset will be capable of standing at this price tag confidently, and hence, the customer base will rise.

On-Ear Controls

For many of you, using the headset is still fine despite the band issues. The presence of all kinds of on-ear controls made it somewhat better to be used.

On the back side of the right headphone, there is a power switch, a button for toggling, a volume dial switch and EQ pre-sets. Also, with the right ear cup buttons, you can balance between chat audio and game. When you flip the left ear cup the microphone gets muted.

How to Use Astro Gaming A50?

To connect the Astro Gaming A50 headset to the console or PC, the base station is used. It is pretty simple and easy to use. You just have to put the headset in the cradle after plugging the USB chord in it. Then you are all set to go.

Sometimes, I have faced an issue where the base station stops charging the headset. This might not happen with you if you are plugging it into your personal computer. But if you have Play Station 4 or any other version, then you might have to contact experts to get the issue resolved. It is a little complicated to connect the headset by employing an optical cord to your PS4. This is why I prefer plug-and-play headsets. There are no such complications in that. With wireless headsets, it is a little inconsistent to always struggle to connect it with PS4 or PC.

Battery Life- Good or Bad?

The company claims a battery life of 15 hours but I am not sure about it. It might be possible to get this much battery life but telling the exact time is a bit complicated because the headset can be put to sleep with a feature in the headset when it is not moved for half an hour. Hence, conducting the battery test and reaching an exact solution is difficult. But it can be inferred that when you forget to shut off the headset and you fall asleep then you won’t lose much of its battery.

I admire this feature to a great extent.

What to Infer?  The product sounds typical for a gaming headset. There are many complications related to Astro Gaming A50 wireless headset. The bass notes are highly emphasized, on the other hand, sounds in the highs are not taken care of properly. If you are looking for booming bass, then you can invest in it. Also, isolation is not accurately achieved by the company. You have to turn up the volume when you wish to cut the outer noise. It should be a great gaming buddy, but for us, it is not.