The sudden outbreak of the novel Coronavirus that started in Wuhan in December 2019 has become a pandemic.  It has become the most talked-about disease of our time. 

There are currently around 3,779,253 active cases globally, while 474,960 people have succumbed to death from this life-deteriorating disease. The worst part is that the count is elevating for every second, and it doesn’t seem to cease.

Considering the virus tends to spread rapidly with human to human contact, the government has requested its citizens to stay indoors and limit going outside unnecessarily. 

Not only people are affected, but this infectious virus has also affected the global economy. Name any sector, be it airlines, transport, hospitality, or any other, all are facing an unprecedented downfall. However, even in this situation, mobile app development has seen drastic growth, especially in the on-demand industry. In this article, we will discuss the rise of the multi-service app like Gojek during Covid-19.

The rise of the multi-service app like Gojek during Covid-19

The growth of on-demand multi-service apps and the consumption of on-demand apps has considerably risen during the coronavirus crisis.

People are asked to maintain and practice social distancing and keep themselves from stepping outside. These protocols have become major factors that have heavily contributed to the growth of on-demand multi-niche delivery applications like Gojek.

  • Almost 95% of families in the United States use at least one on-demand app.
  • China, which is the epicenter of this outbreak, had seen a growth in its e-commerce sales by 36%.
  • Two well-known big names in the U.S, Walmart & Target, saw 54,000 and 531,000 downloads of their retail apps.

Looking at the statistics above, it is not like people do not enjoy going out and shopping, but it is about the comfort and convenience of these on-demand delivery apps.

From the above scenario, it is observed that people’s convenience matters, but most on-demand delivery apps like Gojek enable a connection between the user and the supplier. Hence, it is not sufficient to address the needs of your end-user alone.

We are listing out two special and must-have features that need to be included and the strategies you need to consider/follow before you start building a multi-service app like Gojek.

  • Going contactless

It is identified and scientifically proven that physical human contact is the leading cause for the transmission of the deadly coronavirus. Thus, reducing human contact helps to bring down the intensity of the pandemic. Contactless deliveries can help in this regard without a doubt while maintaining social distancing and, at the same time, giving the convenience of getting things or services instantly at the user’s doorsteps.

  • Cashless payment

Our multi-service app like Gojek has an option called contactless payment where the delivery executive can leave the parcel at your user’s doorstep, and the user can pick it up after some time. 

Also, after availing of any service using our Gojek clone app, users can choose to make a payment using e-wallet payment methods avoiding cash payment and any form of physical contact.

Advantages of having an app like Gojek

Businesses can seize a massive customer base as our Gojek clone apps are tested in real-time conditions, and can aggregate their presence precisely.

  • Low ownership costs

A businessperson can charge the third-party vendor a substantial amount of money for lending out the app’s space. 

  • User loyalty programs

All users can seamlessly access every service on our multi-service app like Gojek and so customer loyalty programs can be the best way to keep your users engaged. This enhances the user interaction, eventually resulting in high user satisfaction and engagement.

An Extensive List of  services we offer in our Gojek clone app

A multi-service app like Gojek is one of the largest on-demand startups in the world. Whether a user needs to book a cab or order food online or deliver a courier, the user can get those things done from the Gojek app.

You can also develop an app similar to Gojek replicating its structure. There are no limitations to the number of services that can be added to your multi-service app. 

Our Gojek clone script consists of three default sections. They include,

  • Ride booking
  • Delivery service
  • Other services
  • For ride-booking

It can be anything like booking a cab or a bike. Users can book from anywhere and at any time. The location and destination can be tracked using our in-built GPS navigation in the app. You can also add rental services like,

  • Bike rental
  • Car hailing
  • Taxi rental
  • For delivery

Online delivery can extend to a range of services like medicine, food, courier, grocery, alcohol, and many more.  Users can place an order using our app. The request is sent to the nearby active delivery agent. The delivery person can process the request after accepting it.

  • Other services

Our Gojek clone app encompasses the following services. They include,

  • Plumber
  • Babysitting
  • Fitness coach
  • House-cleaning
  • Roadside assistance
  • Hiring a handyman
  • Car wash technician
  • laundry 
  • Carpenter
  • Painter
  • Helpers
  • Mechanic
  • Catering
  • Logistics, and much more.

Income-generating sources of our Gojek clone app

Every entrepreneur’s aim is not only to launch an app but also to benefit the end-users and gain high ROI or unrestricted income flow from their business.

With our unique and intuitive Gojek clone app, you can generate revenue from various revenue models. Here are some of the popular and well-known revenue streams we have included in our app.

  • Commission from Service providers

For every order they get to deliver, they pay a small commission to your Gojek app. As drivers get to deliver several orders and make money, a small commission cut is handed over to both the parties(your app and the service provider)

To be precise, they give a certain percentage of user payments as commissions to you(app owner). The commission range is typically between 15-30%.

  • Features listing charges

It is a common yet powerful revenue stream. When service providers rank on top in user’s search results, they can experience easy conversion rates. So, these professionals pay charges to you to appear on the top of results.

  • Subscription charges

It is a well-known fact that users prefer to access premium benefits such as deals, discounts, offers, etc. To enjoy these deals and discounts, users can pay a subscription fee to your app platform by paying subscription monthly/annually. These prices directly reach the app/platform owner.

  • Third-party ad charges

It is a win-win for your business by displaying ads on your platform. While you can enjoy ad charges, your third-party brands can boost their sales via ads by showcasing their products on your Gojek Clone App

In a nutshell,

Now that you know what it takes to build a successful on-demand multi-service app like Gojek, it is time to roll up your sleeves and initiate your app development. As a dedicated entrepreneur, all you need is to associate with the right and leading clone app development company to transform your visions, ideas into reality.

With favorable market conditions, do not lose the chance of emerging as a disruptive Super app in the on-demand business sector.