The beauty of EDC knives is that they can cater to a multitude of needs. They can be designed to cut fishing lines, skin prey, or even chop vegetables while you are out camping. 

The designs of Shieldon EDC knives do not stray from this approach. Instead, we have worked towards creating customizable EDC knives whose designs can be enhanced to be a better fit for specific target markets, individuals, and even specific applications. 

The heart of each knife is the blade. Its material shape, blade point, and finishing determine what a knife can or can not do. So, in the spirit of providing custom EDC knife options for all, we offer a wide selection of blade types.

All our EDC knife blades are made of stainless steel, Damascus steel, or Chromium alloys. These materials deliver high-performing long-lasting blades that can even be used in sterile applications because they are corrosion-resistant and thus take well to cleaning. 

Most Shieldon EDC knives have flat blades but they serve their purposes quite well. As you evaluate each piece, you will notice that our knife-smiths deliver highly refined edges. This, paired with the right material choices, and surface treatments means that you get to enjoy long-term edge retention 

We also invest a great deal of consideration when it comes to choosing blade point styles. Years of research and tests have enabled us to pair the right blades, with the right blade points, for the right task. This is what makes the EDC knives in this collection so incredibly efficient. 

Speaking of tasks, we understand how difficult it can be to find an EDC knife that is comfortable to handle. More so because EDC knives are designed to be compact enough for on-the-go uses. So, we took out time with this range of EDC knives to make certain that our knife handles are diverse enough to cater to different needs. 

Different Shieldon knives come in different sizes. Subsequently, you can easily choose one in a size that would be comfortable for you to wield. Beyond that, All handles are curved at specific angles that keep your hand comfortably placed as you perform whatever task you have at hand.

For the piéce dé résistance, we use knife handle materials that offer a good grip without causing abrasive friction. The metal points of each knife are also well concealed and smoothened to prevent accidental cuts and bruising. 

All Shieldon EDC knife designs are carefully researched and taken through extensive quality and performance checks. Still, we are alive to the fact that you may desire EDC knives that look a certain way or have a specific set of dimensions. Consequently, our R&D team and knife-smiths can work with you to customize any EDC knife design aspects to make them even better suited to your needs. 

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