It is quite easy to take your boiler for granted until it breaks down. That is when you realize the importance of this system.

A boiler plays a huge role in your daily life chores. The need for warm water, running down the taps is crucial, especially during the winters. This is why getting professional Boiler Repair Chiswick services, as soon as you notice a problem with your heating system is important. We highly recommend AOS Boilers but you can choose any repairer, as long as they are experienced and certified.

Many times, a boiler showcases different signs of trouble before going down. If those minor signs are not avoided, you can save yourself from a sudden boiler breakdown and unwanted trouble too. Therefore, always look after your heating systems and attend to their minor issues right away.

Here is how you can detect a boiler breakdown:

1. Foul Smells and Weird Sounds:

These both are huge indicators of a boiler breakdown. Firstly, a boiler that is functioning optimally, is always quiet. Your boiler won’t make unnecessary noises until there is an issue with it. Sounds like whirring, clunking, whistling, or gurgling are some of the most common sounds that indicate an issue. This usually results in low water pressure or kettling.

On the other hand, a foul smell can usually indicate a clog or multiple clogs, or a blocked drain vent. Only a professional boiler repair Kensington expert can identify the root cause and fix it within a short time for you. It is best if you do not try to repair this issue on your own as it can cause further dilemmas too.

2. Poor Efficacy:

Poor boiler performance is a visible sign of boiler trouble. Your boiler might not be warming the water as required. Or the pressure of warm water might be low. Poor efficiency requires immediate attention.

Boiler Repair Chiswick
Boiler Repair Chiswick

3. High Energy Bills:

Have your energy bills perked up lately, without any increase in your usage? If yes, then your boiler has an internal issue. A sudden and persistent spike in energy bills, without an increase in your usage frequency, is a visible sign of poor performance and boiler efficacy. Call a Boiler Repair Kensington expert right away before a bigger breakdown causes more trouble.

4. No Pilot Light:

You might be able to resonate your pilot light with the good old days when our stoves had one. However, when your boiler’s pilot light goes out; you should probably call a professional to address the issue. Also, if your boiler’s pilot is yellow; it requires expert attention instantly. This usually happens due to internal issues that are hard to identify on your own.

5. It is Quite Old:

The age of your boiler matters a lot. If your heating system is at least 10 years old and is causing a lot of issues lately; then it is time to call for a replacement. Old boilers start demanding frequency repairs and are usually down with an issue. This simply adds up to your costs and makes it harder to keep up with the maintenance too. Therefore, it is recommended to get a new, energy-efficient boiler as soon as possible.


Instead of wasting time and waiting for your boiler to completely break down; it is important that you address its issues right away. If you hear weird sounds or your boiler is emitting a foul smell or maybe the pilot has gone out; you need to call an expert repair service to get the issue fixed as soon as possible. Do not delay minor issues as they grow to become bigger and much more problematic.