Want to use the SMS Blast service for your business? Still, using EDM (direct email) to target prospects? Let’s take a look at these amazing results. Emails are opened at a satisfying 20-30% rate, but guess what? SMS open rates reach 98% and beyond, 90% of which are read in less than 3 seconds.

Imagine recipients can receive hours of unread emails, and calls from suspicious numbers can be ignored or unanswered. What about texting? They are almost always read at the time of publication. Since text messages are rarely considered junk, you can be sure that the text message will grab attention and be read immediately.

Let’s tell you more about SMS Marketing

Almost everyone has one or more mobile devices that can receive text messages. 91% of them always have their mobile devices at hand. This trust makes SMS marketing more effective in reaching people than TV or radio broadcasts, social media, the web development company, and print media flooded with advertising and branded content. SMS continues to have the highest loyalty rate of any marketing medium. It takes 90 seconds for someone to reply to a text message, while it typically takes 90 minutes to reply to an email.

Why SMS is your must-have marketing tool? Why not?

SMS are widely used in marketing and e-commerce to send customers important updates about their orders, retain customers and direct them to the sales channel. There are statistics showing that customers prefer text updates over email. Sending SMS is easy, fast, and personal. It’s also customer-centric, licensed, and easy to follow. Despite all the benefits, 61% of marketers have not yet used SMS and underestimate its effectiveness. If you’re one of those people who always sit on the fence, it’s time to download it and move on! SMS marketing is sure to be a big hit. Another way is to use a website called easyway sms. This will also allow you to send 1000 SMS at a time free online.

Still, sending SMS one by one? Try the SMS Blast

SMS Blast or Text Blast is the practice of sending a single text message to a large group of people at once via an automated messaging system. Save time and money. With an affordable price of 50 cents per message, SMS is becoming a very profitable channel for businesses to connect with their customers or prospects. An SMS blast allows SMS recipients to reply privately and then engage in a two-way SMS conversation. It is particularly effective for attracting attention and generating reactivity and interaction.

Everyone else is doing better! Learn from them.

SMS Blast is great for marketing promotions or new offers, event updates, emergency notifications, and payment reminders. There are some expert tips for SMS blasts.

1. Getting consent

You can obtain consent from recipients for sending for a specific purpose in digital or written form. Once you have given your consent in advance, you can start texting them, but make sure they make it clear how they can opt-out if they wish. A simple reference is “close text to log out”.

2. Keep the message short

Text messages have an inherent limit of 160 characters. Stick to this rule and in other words, try to keep text messaging simple and user-friendly. Marketing terminology is highly undesirable for use in a text explosion. Write in a way that the layperson can understand and digest. Because bulk email is a licensing strategy, you can choose any email client. This could be cumbersome and violate the intent to seek consent.

3. Timely content

Text messaging is best used for important, time-limited messages. For example, for a limited-time sale, a payment reminder before a certain deadline, or a follow-up after a certain deadline, a text burst is the best choice. It gets more complicated when you can use the interactive content of the news. Embedding a hyperlink for quick access to updates helps improve conversion. For example, if customers have not paid on time, it makes sense to send them to where they can pay with their cell phone in addition to the reminder.

4. Address your customers

Rather than sending the same message to everyone, personalize the message as much as possible to show that they are personal and familiar. If you don’t know how to personalize them, at least personalize the message with their names. Also, pay attention to the timing of the message. I don’t think anyone wants to be interrupted in the middle of the night. Sometimes recipients live in a different time zone, so it’s best to keep that in mind or your name could get blacklisted. The frequency of text bursts should not be too frequent and cause inconvenience to recipients. It really depends on how you use text bursts in your business and how valuable each message is. “Less is more” is always a good “rule of thumb”.


SMS Blast service is the most widely used and best service that can help businesses a lot. You have the service for your company and start to communicate globally. It is not difficult to have an SMS sending service. It has completely changed the way we communicate with customers.

You might be one of those in need of explosive SMS service and don’t worry. This will greatly help companies to initiate better communication.

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