Are you a tech-savvy person? Do you like making reels, going live, and giving tips on various products and thoughts? Do you like to follow the trend on social media platforms and stay ahead of the curve? Want to know what are social media trends are going to be still there in 2021 and some upcoming trends in the market? Then this article is specially written for you and you can learn more about the trends with Digital Marketing Courses in Pune

We see trends changing every day, new trends coming, old trends coming back with something different and something new all the time. Social media platforms have now started accepting these trends and changed their programming and algorithms accordingly. Sometimes we also see that changing of these programming and algorithms in social media apps also cause new trends to begin which take the internet by storm. For example, a few years ago Snapchat started with its new feature of disappearing messages after reading, a FOMO- inducing feature we can say. But other social apps did not have such features. Slowly, other apps also introduced such features and now over 500 million people use such features daily on various platforms and many platforms are launching with equivalent features.

This proves how quickly the market adapts to change in the trends and starts working on something new in order to attract the masses to themselves. These past two years have greatly affected our social lives and moved everything into the digital world. This migration to the digital world has become the only option to stay in the world and operate our business successfully on the global level. This migration has also greatly impacted digital marketing strategies. To know more about these digital marketing concepts, check out the Digital Marketing Classes in Pune

These rapid changes and continuous evolution on the social media platforms need a constant check for their existing strategies and new strategies are also needed to be formulated. Marketers continually watch out for these new trends that influence social media and evolve their strategies accordingly. 

Now if you want to know which social media trends are likely to follow in the year 2021, we have prepared a list that will help the people in preparing the strategy for the trends and work accordingly on it.

1. Live streaming: The majority of the marketing and social media experts have suggested that live streaming and interacting with people using live videos is going to be in huge trend this year as well. Brands are now focussing more on connecting with their followers and customers using live video conferencing on various platforms. It has been seen that almost 82% of people prefer live conferencing on social media platforms.

The businesses have gone digital as soon as possible to sustain themselves during this global crisis. Face-to-face meetings have now been converted into Zoom or Google meets. Various fitness studios and dance studios have converted themselves into online studios providing classes to the people on various platforms which has helped the people stay fit during these times and helped the studios keep their business running.

2. Ephemeral content on social media: This type of trend may sound new to you, but this trend is going to be in the market for a really long period of time. Let us understand this trend in relation to the social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Yes, we are talking about the short-duration content that disappears within 24 hours of posting. Such posts are short, fun, and engaging and always keep people on their toes for the next “Story”.

Brands have started using this feature to keep the customers and followers engaged in various polls, games, and quizzes and give them a sneak peek into behind the scene moments of the brands.

It has been seen that videos as stories are outperforming photos. People are much more interested in the videos put up as stories rather than the photos. A recent study found that images in Stories have a 5.65% higher tap-forward rate than videos. To understand what the Tap-forward rate is, it is the number of people who saw your Story and moved on to the next one before finishing it. The analysis also found that photos in Stories had more drop-offs than videos, showing that people tend to spend more time viewing videos. Almost 51% of the brands have already started posting videos as their stories and this trend is likely to increase in 2021.

3. Social commerce: social media is constantly trying to bring in new features into the app. One such feature is commerce. Online shopping has seen a step uprising in the past few years. Commercial giants like Amazon, Flipkart are constantly bringing in something new to attract the masses. Facebook, Instagram is also trying to enter into this commercial market by introducing the “Marketplaces” feature in its app and helping people connect who want to buy and sell products online

4. AR and VR Technology: brands and companies have started investing more and more in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality marketing. 4 years ago, who would’ve thought that we could try on products virtually before buying them. Many e-commerce companies have started using AR-powered shopping that allows users to try on the product virtually and choose whether the product suits them or not. Also, platforms like Snap chat and Facebook are now allowing their users to click photos using various filters and share them across the platform.

5.Influencer marketing: Influencer marketing has dominated the markets since 2019 and will continue to dominate the market. Various social media platforms and brands have started collaborating with influencers and giving the product to them for promotions. Social media such as Facebook and YouTube have also launched paid subscription models for their followers. These brands also promote the content created by the influencers in their social media pages thus allowing them to reach the public.

Some other trends that will be in trend are: 

  • Less is more” Posting– Brands nowadays will focus more on content creation. The main focus would shift to content that is thought-full and connect more with people in general. Customers will crave snack able content. Following on the latest trend will not only helps you to stay at par with the world but also helps on learn emerging techniques to grow your business whether it be small businesses or the big ones. 
  • Authenticity– With all the businesses turning online, consumers will crave authenticity and loyalty. They will expect after-sales service over the phone or email. With everything turning online the trends have to get followed. Your business should provide customers with all sorts of confidence, loyalty, and after-sales service.


The trends mentioned here are growing and will emerge with changes in the future. Digital Marketing tools and trends will be the core of the marketing process with the passage of time. Learning new trends is good but follow-up of the same is better. 

Learn all sorts of digital marketing trends and tools with Digital Marketing Training in Pune. The importance of social media is clearly evident from this article and with the help of Digital Marketing tools enrich yourself with this diversifying knowledge.