Sports have been an integral part of billions of people across the globe and there’s nothing more exciting if you could possibly own something that is connected with your favorite sports or players. And that’s exactly what sports activities collectables are; Photographs, videos, trophies, bats, balls and various artifacts belonging to the players.

Sports activities collectables also hold an important place because there’s an emotional connection attached to it. As it gives the passionate lovers of the sports that they are also the part of the special moment shared by the team or sports players history.

How could you possibly invest in them then?

Various websites and organizations handle this saga of sports activities collectibles to make sure that they provide the fans of the cricket with 100% authentic autographs, hologram certificates of authenticity and some signing proof. 

One such Indian tech company, Rario has built a first of its kind association for the cricket lovers where for the very first time they can participate in the digital Cricket ecosystem and trade, sell and buy the digital collectables.

Rario has teamed up with the biggest leagues and players in the world to convert these epic highlights into ‘Moments’ that you can collect & cherish forever.The moments are carefully curated by cricket experts & analysts, making sure that cricket fans have the most heart-thumping, adrenaline pumping moments to collect & showcase.

Each officially licensed digital collectible will have a unique serial number and unique identification, powered by Non Fungible Token (NFT) technology. This means that as a fan, you will be part of the select few who officially own a particular moment.

With digital medium taking the world by storm in every field whatsoever, hence it’s time for sports activities collectables to also step in. Also, NBA, Major Baseball League and Formula 1 already ruling the charts for NFTs, it’s time for Cricket fandom as well to spice up things a little and hnec Rario.