One of the most debated questions among professionals seeking a career in data is the need for SQL certification. But before thinking about certification, the main question to ask is whether you need to learn SQL for getting a job in data? According to a survey, SQL (Structured Query Language) is still the most popular language in data science, leaving behind the revered Python and R. Therefore, you must have SQL experience and knowledge for working with data. Now, let’s understand whether SQL certifications are mandatory and are they worth your time and effort?

Is There Any Official Certification For SQL?

Before we know whether SQL certifications are needed or not, it is essential to know if any official certificate is there. According to a cybersecurity consultant, Each vendor with a different database has its SQL certification. For instance, Microsoft and Oracle offer their SQL certifications. Additionally, some unique certificates that are database role-specific are also available. An individual might work as a database developer, data scientist, database administrator, and database architect that requires specific SQL knowledge. Apart from vendor-specific certifications, there are many platform-based certifications as well, such as MySQL. 

Therefore, there is no official certification for SQL that can prove the authenticity of training. You may come across official credentials for some sub-SQL-based technologies. Please do not confuse them for SQL certification itself! Hence, an individual has a wide range of vendor and platform-centric certifications available. These differ in quality, duration, skills, and price. As there is no official certification or a standard for SQL, many employers look for skills more than the credentials on a person’s resume. But one thing is clear; you can take knowledge of SQL as per your preference and need. However, the credibility, need, and worthiness of these certifications remains in question.

What SQL Certification Do You Need For Getting A Job?

If you are worried that you will need a plethora of certifications for landing a job in data science, then you may be wrong. As discussed above, employers are more interested in your SQL skills than a piece of paper. As per a cybersecurity consultant, it is not mandatory to have certification for landing a job in an SQL database. For instance, SQL certification will not be helpful in roles such as data analyst and data scientist. Your SQL skills matter the most, and certifications can help you get the requisite skills you need for a job role. So, you must ask yourself what SQL skills do I require? That will answer your question and help you in landing your dream job. 

How To Learn SQL And Get Certified?

SQL certifications indirectly help professionals in their job hunt. These may not be mandatory but are seen as a plus on the resume. You can learn SQL and get the respective certification by going for a vendor such as Microsoft or Oracle. Microsoft offers seven SQL certifications on its learning platform that are unique. Oracle also offers certifications such as Oracle Java certification, Oracle cloud certification, etc., for becoming an Oracle Certified Associate. For getting certified, you need to go through vendor-specific exams. You can choose classroom training, online training, or self-study mode, whatever suits your learning style.

Are These Certifications Worth?

The answer to this question is a loud ‘yes! Organizations that provide SQL certifications are broadly reputed and pioneers in their fields. Therefore, the SQL training and certifications do hold certain credibility in the market. Not only do you learn the in-demand skills but have a certificate to prove the same. You may not require SQL credentials for getting a high-paying job. You do not need one at all! However, the primary purpose of these certifications is to impart the requisite SQL knowledge. In the job market, they can distinguish you from other candidates, be an asset for potential new employers. Additionally, you get a salary hike depending on your negotiation skills.


To sum things up, SQL certifications are worth taking if you eye a role in database work. You may not see the direct benefit of it, but these certifications act as an accelerator to your data career. Therefore, you must explore SQL certifications as per your requirement of up-skilling.